I Am A Human First And A Woman Later – Supriya Karnik

When it comes to successful artists in the film and television industry, we judge them to be of a stereotypical attitude. But it is like they say- do not judge a book by its cover! When I first spoke to the very well-known Supriya Karnik, I feared not fumbling (What would she think of me?) And then the conversations went on as swiftly as water! Absolutely humble, extremely sorted, a lot of fun as well as easy-going is who she actually is! Years of experience backed by her spiritual belief makes Supriya Karnik a stellar personality, one who you want to know more than you already do. Her simplicity covered in the fragrance of the roles she has played makes her life story an interesting one. Here’s a candid chat with Supriya Karnik that will make you smile ear to ear…

You have worked in a plethora of televisions and films. Yet, not many people know you on a personal level. Please tell us about who you really are behind the camera.

Supriya KarnikI am a very simple person behind the camera who is fond of reading, travelling, cooking, painting and other creative endeavours.  I love being at home. Whenever I am travelling, I prefer visiting new places, experience different social cultures and meeting people from various backgrounds. I also enjoy travelling to off beaten roads and discover new things. I am fond of ancient architecture & invest my time in knowing its history. I am also a fan of adventure sports; I never miss an opportunity to experience activities like sky diving, scuba diving sea walks etc. I feel travel and books are two mediums from which we can enrich our life and mind on a very different level.

How and when did you decide that you want to be an actress? Did you have to struggle to be one?

Frankly speaking, I never planned to be an actress. This path of my life opened on its own, I only walked on it.  Whatever I learned was hands on skills as I kept working. Since I have a keen observation, I paid keen interest on other senior actor’s performance. So in short I had many teachers, lol. (She chuckles) I was also very lucky to begin my career with veteran actors. In the midst of it all I kept learning and improving. I strongly believe that whenever you feel you know it all, the stagnation begins. Being a student for life has helped me in myriad ways to improve myself on every step of my journey. I had no training in this field, not even theatre! When I entered this industry I was absolutely raw, I just kept learning and improving on myself as I kept working ahead. Hence, the concept of struggling never crossed my mind.

Do you remember the first time you stood in front of the camera? What was that experience like?

 Ha Ha, I do remember!  The experience was hilarious.  I had absolutely no clue about anything since Supriya Karnikeverything was a whole new side that I had never experienced before. Also my Hindi had a very strong English accent.  Maybe this was why I was chosen by Late Mr Ravi Chopra to play the role of a Christian lady in an episodic story ‘Laapata Laash’ in the serial kanoon. That was my first work as an actress. When this happened, I was a PRO for Modiluft Airlines at Santacruz Airport, Mumbai. Prior to that I was flying for Saudi Arabian airlines as an airhostess! Thus began my journey as an actress.

I have been a fan of your work like many others. Of all the lovely work you have done and characters you have played, which of it is your personal favourite?

 My personal favourite movies are Taal, Yaadein, JisDesh Me Ganga RehtaHai,  Aryan,  Khel, Take It Easy, ZindagiTeraNaam, Mujhse Shaadi Karogi, Welcome and my Marathi film Lek Ladki. Among the serials I like my work in Shanti, Woh Rehne Waali Mehlon Ki, Chandan ka Palna Resham ki Dori and the Marathi serial TisraDola.

What is a regular day like for you?

My days are hectic. I am constantly on the move busy with doing one thing or the other; in short I am perpetually busy. (She winks)

You mentioned that you are spiritually inclined. Tell us more about what really you practice and how it has changed your life?

 Supriya KarnikSpirituality also stepped into my life just like my acting profession did. I am practising kaballah since the last ten years. Kaballah is an ancient Jewish oral philosophy of mysticism and esoteric occult knowledge, study of cosmos and universal energies. Through kaballah, I entered the mysticism of TAROT. Both are the template of the soul’s progress. It has nothing to do with believes or religion.  What is required is an open mind. Kaballah is an optimistic philosophy or higher wisdom that sees the world as a living organism. Occult is also misinterpreted by people. Occult simply means hidden knowledge or wisdom. The term refers to a scientific description of different dimensions of existence. 

My forte is soul healing, karmic healing, tarot oracle readings, transcendental meditation,  different scrying methods of divination, astral travel, past life healing etcto name a few. It is my passion. I use the methods to help people for I believe that every human has the right to be happy and live a joyous life.

I would not say it changed my life, I would rather put it in this manner- it has enhanced my life to a level beyond my imagination. 

What do you feel has been the hardest thing you have had to do or face in life as a woman since we still live in a society that highlights the gender difference?

Firstly, I don’t get into debates. Gender difference is only at the physical level for me. From my perspective, I see the soul of the person and the soul is genderless. I feel every person has the abilities to rise above all conditions irrespective of their gender. Both are equally potential. Since I have always worked from this perspective, I have ignored such situations even if they have come by due the mind-set of another person. I kept doing things with complete conviction, which is based on my faith & my confidence on myself. I see myself not only as a woman but as something more than that. I am a human first and a woman later. So whatever the case or cause, I have approached all situations with all my courage. The only thing I will state is respect a woman, whoever she is!

We are waiting to see you in the upcoming movie Veerey Ki Wedding. Tell us more about your role in this movie.

The role is a simple one of a doting mother and wife. I play the heroine’s mother. It is a soft, vulnerable and quiet character, which is different from the usual negative roles I have played before.

 How have you managed working in films made in other languages like Telugu and Tamil?

            Just as I mentioned, I took it in my stride :))

You come across as a very strong and sorted person. Our readers would love to hear your word for this woman’s day. What message would you like to convey to them?

Do not fall into any kind of social traps; you are you! You have all that you require within yourself.  Believe in yourself and your dreams. Make your dreams come true. Life is beautiful, don’t waste it. Remember you are the architect of your life so make sure you design the best for your own comfort, always!

Here I am thinking, what did I really fear? I always thought of her very fondly, and knowing her up-close makes me think of her as one of the sweetest women I have met ‘to a whole new level’(just as she says it!) Her laughter here and there and her expressive eyes speaking in winks and blinks complemented her story. Truly, her work as an actress and as a spiritual healer is a commendable one teaching women how to just ‘let it go’ and to let things just happen. This is a splendid take-away from your success story.

A very Happy Woman’s Day to you!


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