Woo-men’s Day

Come ladies accept it, you do woo men , jokes apart, I am a bit of a chauvinist (in words only), some people say that. Come to think of it, how time changes things, earlier King Arthur was considered as a great individual whose greatness was unparalleled, a rescuer of ladies too. Today there are actually groups of people who if given only his actions & not his name would brand him as male chauvinist (pig).

I was going through the Sunday Review (by far statistics) show that women prefer Times of India, I can understand why, there are articles with definite endings, so that the reader does not have to exercise his grey cells, to add to my woe, there is this View-Counter-view column which basically sounds like an angry mother-in-law vs. wife fight. Sorry for losing my track, I was reading the Review & it was a Women’s Day special. First article is about husbands of successful women & how they handle their relationship, the entire FrontPage &nearly half of the last page. Writer is a female ( I guess Purba is female, now don’t call me a chauvinist pig just for assuming the name may be female) & the article is basically about the sacrifices made by the husbands or the acceptance of husbands & the help they extend to maintain a family life balance for their eternally busy wives. So much for Women’s Day, I mean what did she expect by this article?, more husbands should be as co-operative or the extent to which men have to sacrifice (does that make her a female chauvinist pig?).

In any case, it was the better article as far as i am concerned; there was an article, named the ‘diary of a single girl’. I don’t know who writes it and for better don’t want to know. She mentions that she felt the statement ‘I like seeing Kareena dance’ is medieval. Now, now dear tell me something i love dancing (ok i know i am a guy, i am not supposed to but i love it you morons whoever has problem with it) & to see someone dance perfectly is to me a sublime expression (ok that might seem a tad too much appreciation, but sometimes it is). Now she also mentions apsaras dancing in front of Indra, now she almost certainly does not have any issues with all the dance shows going around with skimpier outfits, because it’s a talent search (yes, completely talent search especially for paedophiles, the way i see it). However an actress cannot wear a wet dress and dance, that makes us voyeur, yet the same actress must not shame away from kissing as ‘the scene demands it’. I think whoever writes that article (i have unfortunately been a victim of reading it a couple of times) is the prime example of being a female chauvinist – pig would be a clean word for her & herself confessed actions.

There is also a nice article on the last page claiming success if sweeter for women who are slimmer. I can go on, but let me sum it up, we have an article, which emphasizes the importance of men in women’s lives, we have another article decrying the dancing of actress on-stage/screen ( i almost forgot, what about classical dances that too that depict violent handling of women, my God the men who depict the roles are actually rapists??) & last but not the least an article on how the fatness of this year’s most prolific Grammy award winner affects her success. We also had an article on plastic surgery. We just had two articles, one on being women &one on the successful women in London, Paris & San Frisco. So we had 1/8th in 2 good articles. Ads covered another 1/8th, Weekly Feature articles covered another 1/8th. Another article (1/8th) was on the need of muse for any creative work, i felt it was a neutral article. Remaining 50% was full of fat-obsessed, plastic surgery based, rain-dance forbidding, now all the articles were written by women. Tell me dear women of all times & generations & places, what have we reduced to? A society where looks matter more than actions? Where men speaking the truth are branded male chauvinists, i have seen some of my well meaning seniors being castigated by females & management alike. Sadly the very females go ahead do exactly as was warned against, get hurt (if not that day some other day) come crying back to the same senior & ask for advice & you know the worst part, the moment it is sorted out, they again brand them as male chauvinist pigs. Today i was chatting with a girl & we were discussing, i said i am staying away from girls, as most of them will only create trouble, she said find someone who inspires you around you. She was honest to admit that there were none. Sadly for her, she never knew them, there are a few, but they prefer to remain quite & lead their lives rather than try to outshine others, they are at peace, they had their own struggles & amazingly pulled through not only themselves but everyone that was involved with them. Sadly again people forget that the ultimate motive a a person should be to sort out problems & settle down peacefully, not aggravate them. But our present society thinks the other way round, aggravate the problem so much that you come in limelight, then preferably you should sort it out, if you do, you are a hero/heroine, if you fail, find someone to blame & if you are a female don’t worry, you have the sympathy already. I want to write more, but i feel it is a waste to try & make people understand; people tend to feel i am preaching & then try to find out my faults. I have faults my readers, i accept them & try to rectify them, and your reminding me does not really help, and ideally should not matter too.

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