How Women’s Intuitive Abilities Make them Great Business Leaders!

Intuition is women’s secret weapon when it comes to business!

Well, it’s not just a statement, there are actually facts to back it up. Let’s take a look.

In 2010, an article published in ‘Forbes’ outlined women’s intuitive ability in business with a survey result. The poll was carried out by ‘The Commonwealth Institute (TCI) covering more than 100 women corporate executives from Massachusetts and Florida. The outcome was an eye opener.

Nearly 67 out of 100 women corporate executives anticipated an economic downturn seeing the sign of the flagging economy. They immediately changed their course of action by realigning their business structures or implemented innovative business strategies to prepare in advance. Paying attention to their intuition and taking action saved their businesses and made them even stronger.

If anyone still got doubts on women’s intuition and business acumen, carry on at your business’ peril. Rest of the world has already admitted it.

Is Women’s Intuition Same as Psychic Abilities?

Not exactly. You need not develop psychic power to have intuitive abilities. Women are naturally intuitive, and they listen to their inner voice that is followed up by concrete actions. Here is another piece of statistics.

A study carried out by Caliper, a leading talent management firm reveals various aspects of women’s personality and intuitive abilities. The firm assessed the personality qualities of 300 women leaders from countries such as the US, UK, Japan, Brazil, and China through in-depth interviews. Participants were from some of the world’s top-tier organisations including JP Morgan Chase & Co., Johnson & Johnson, Bank of America, Accenture, Deutsche Bank, Deloitte, and others.

During both written assessment and follow-up interviews, women leaders shared their experience including mistakes and failures with great honesty and candidness. They also stated how they learnt from those mistakes and made their way through adversities with focus and determination. Later, these facts were compared to the matching samples of male business leaders in similar industries and designations. The comparison showed women leaders displayed more resilience, persuasiveness, greater willingness to take risks, and stronger urge to pursue goals despite difficulties.

All of these traits along with flexibility, honesty, empathy, and interpersonal skills make women leaders a force to reckon with. Organizations are receiving distinct benefits from female leadership due to their intuitive ability to read and analyse situations better and take appropriate actions.
How about a Real-life Example?
The story of Sara Mathew, CFO, Dun & Bradstreet Inc. can be an ideal example of women’s legendary resilience. She made her way through tough times that could have derailed her career. However, she wrote a different story.

Before Dun & Bradstreet, she worked with another Fortune 500 company where she made strategic decision to revamp the company’s investor relations programme to put it in the top bracket. It all started with presenting her proposal during the firm’s first ever live webcast where hundreds of investors were connected. But things fell apart. Almost all major publications in the nation took note of that fiasco.

According to Sara, it took her about a week or two to recollect her strength and analyse what went wrong. She knew she lost a great opportunity, and had to find a way out. That’s where women’s DNA-ingrained persistence kicked in. Sara figured out how she should have handled the situation, which resources she should have used, and how to convince her CEO to give her a second chance despite her initial poor impression before stockholders and the media. In similar situations, many male leaders would have felt devastated, and never found the courage to pick themselves up from the rut.
It’s Just the Beginning….
These are may be the closing words, but women’s journey has just begun, and there would be more milestones along the way. Regardless of what typical patriarchal societies think of women’s role, the wind of change is blowing stronger. Even in the western societies, despite all the buzz and efforts to promote equality between the two genders, women business leaders are still perceived as people out of ordinary and not a norm.

Now, this stereotypical mindset calls for a question, isn’t it time that we admit women are not just homemakers, but key contributors to the economies? It’s already proven that women’s impulses, hunches, sense of timing, and innovation can help overcome businesses some serious obstacles. Considering this inherent ability, an increasing numbers of organisations are learning to tune into women leaders intuitive abilities and trying to develop these among other executives with training and practice.

The following quote can sum it up all:

“There’s something real in women’s intuition. It’s an accurate signpost for decision making, but it usually bumps up against man’s logic. So, we have to put ego aside and listen to them.” – Jon Voight, Academy Award Winning American Actor.

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