Women Stop Multitasking: It Will Leave You Exhausted, Stressed And Dissatisfied

Various studies have proved that the women’s brain has been designed to handle multiple tasks simultaneously. Also, studies claim that women are good in socializing even in a busy atmosphere and she can switch from one task to another quickly in an organized manner.

WOW! It feels so good to read this. It has given females, one more reason to boast over themselves.

But don’t you think that the crown of multitasking is a beautiful hat society had made us wear or we ourselves have chosen to wear it. But, at the end, we are left exhausted and dissatisfied.

Once I had a hot discussion on this topic with my girlfriends. And I found every one of us, including me, multitasks.

Our discussion made us realize a truth that females today have become a part of an unwanted competition. We live under the pressure to be a perfect wife and a perfect mother. Also, we want a  successful and wonderful career. We manage home, office, husbands, kid and relatives. And to be successful, we try to keep all of them together. We want to prove ourselves best in front of judging society. This desire has made our ‘to do work ‘ list very long. To complete all tasks we have to multitask.

But the question is, does multitasking helps???

There is a Russian proverb that if you try to chase two rabbits, You will end up catching none.

Many times I while talking to my client also am simultaneously writing an article and feeding my baby.

Somehow I manage to complete all the work together. But I found that most of the time I was unable to complete all these tasks properly. There were errors in my articles because of which I have to give an extra half hour to editing. My baby is half fed and becomes cranky.  My attention shifts while I am talking to the clients and the flow of discussion interrupts.

Thus, my personal experience says that multitasking has its drawbacks. It affects either the quality of work and its output.

Same was the case of most of my other girlfriends. Even if they were able to accomplish more than they expected, they were unable to focus on anyone. At the end, the work productivity was affected and became a cause of dissatisfaction and stress. Thus, multitasking instead of our tool for success at the end leaves us strained, stressed and unsatisfied.

 Research has shown that our brain is good at switching rapidly from one task to another fast but it can process only activity properly at a time. We, women, need to understand that we are not superhuman. Our brain cannot work haphazardly. If we will force it to do so it will get tired soon. Multitasking for a long time will only leave you scattered, messed up and frustrated. It may make you miss out important tasks. On the other hand, if you are doing one thing at a time with full concentration you will find that you will take almost same or even less time in completing all your tasks than the time you invested in multitasking. Also, the quality of task improves.

It’s a mother’s choice to be a stay at home mom, work at home mom or a working mom. But if you want to do something productive plan your schedule according to priorities and then concentrate on one task and try to complete it first. Better not to juggle but try to make a balance. This will help you manage different roles played by you as well as your life effectively. Also, we women need to understand that ideal life is impossible. We cannot attain perfection in every field. So stop worrying about judgments and your image in front of others. Be yourself, but stay focused.

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