The Winter Aspect of Running

Running is very dependent on atmospheric conditions, which is why it changes with the arrival of different seasons. With each new season, we discover a different aspect of jogging. Being visible when the main starts start, we feel a surge of adrenaline and willingness to train. In the summer, in the heat, we trot calmly and enjoy the beautiful weather.

Many runners, of course, love the winter season and think that it is the best time to run. Beautiful aura, calm on running paths and long evenings seem to be perfect for outdoor physical activity.

Winter is the perfect time to run

All the above reasons for the reduced willingness to run are justified, but do they affect our condition well? The truth is that the running weather is always, all you have to do is dress properly. You can even risk saying that in winter there are better conditions for running than in the summer, when hot weather exposes us to dehydration and overheating. Lack of energy and constant fatigue are a good reason to go to training and not stay in bed. Physical activity releases endorphins in us, accelerates circulation, stimulates every cell in our body. It all works more energetically than much coffee. That is why running is the best antidote to fatigue.

You cannot see any folds under the sweaters, but before we look at it, we will exchange thick clothes for beach clothes, and it will be too late to shape the figure.

In winter, running has a completely different dimension. Training in a white environment can be as inspiring and relaxing as at any other time of the year. Most often we give up running for one reason – cold.  Every season is good and winter is especially beautiful, so it’s a pity to waste it sitting at home.

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