I Wanted A Paint Brush More Than A Pen And Here I Am

From Passion to Profession!!!    

After a while after having written stories centering round me, I wanted to deviate this time. I wanted my protagonist to be someone I know closely. Yes, somewhat related but not by blood. I am truly inspired by his passion. May be all of you should read and be inspired too.

The intention to pen this down is to make people aware that only education of school is not the staircase to success. If there is passion immense, and rigidity in not being vulnerable with situation, no matter how strong wind blows, that shapes into something concrete making you s**t satisfied.

The person I have been trying to thread story about is a guy from a remote village. When I say remote, I mean it. His craving to smoke too ceased with the dominance of the distance he had to travel for a pack. That is what I mean by remote. Now, the interesting part about this story is he wanted to be a painter since he had begun to tailor dreams with his eyes open. Like any other Indian parents, his parents were dead against the decision.

Finance was another factor that demotivated him. He was a tiger who attacked the societal norms and chased his dream with wide open arms to embrace it so tight that no one snatched it. He quit his graduation midway and returned his village. Well, he was a student of Delhi School of Fine Arts. Who doesn’t know of it? One of the finest institutions in the country and it is rightfully rated.

He gave up his study of Fine Arts only to help his parents in daily chores as they had already lost a son. They didn’t have the brave heart to take any chance with the only son left. Finance was adding on to the trauma. He gave his dream for his family. But he didn’t stop practicing. He would paint on everything imagining it to be his canvas.

You won’t believe what he is up to today! He is earning more than any other so called reputed job in our country. He has made it to where he wanted to be. His smile was back not when he achieved success. It was when his parents patted on his shoulder “We are proud of you”. Is not that strange that people who were sternly against the profession are now proud? That is the irony. Once you are successful, no one asks you about your past, past don’t exist.

Chase your dream, make it come true and you will see the wonderful experience you share with your family and loved ones.

For him, “pen wasn’t mightier than sword, it was his painting brush”.

Are you chasing your unfulfilled dream? If you haven’t, it is never late for anything. Give it a start today. Forget about the gossip, the fight. If your desire is passionate, the universe will conspire to help you achieve it( From the Alchemist, Paulo Coelho).

I don’t want hearts to die and stop blooming because it didn’t get water at the right time. No one help you in your time of trouble. Once you are successful, you will be their Hero. We will always choose the latter option and that’s quite humane.

It is now or never!

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