Voice of Rajkot (Rajkot no Aawaz) RJ Sheetal, The Girl with Guts

An RJ’s face is their voice and we in our minds form our own image of them. They talk to us, they listen to us and they play our favorite tracks. Ever wondered what’s more behind that mesmerizing voice that accompanies you wherever you go?

RJ Sheetal Radio MirchiRadio Mirchi is hot, and hotter are their RJs. RJ Sheetal, the most popular voice of Radio Mirchi has stolen many hearts already just with her voice. What if we give you more reasons to fall for her? Know her more and love her more. Here’s everything you ever wanted to know about her. Right from her favorite food joint to her idea of styling, we have got it all!

RJ Sheetal was generous enough to spare few minutes of her super busy life and spill her beans here:

1. Journey To Become An RJ

When asked about her journey to become an RJ, here’s what she had to say, “*Sighs* The journey has not been easy for sure. I wanted to become a professor.Those days my vacations were on and I went for this interview, my life’s first interview, which I wasn’t expecting to clear. I was all easy going and went without much of stress. And happiness was when after a few days I received a phone call informing that I had cleared the interview and had to come for second round! Since I had not planned for what future had in its store for me, the initial years were tough for me. I had to learn a lot. But then it was all smooth once I got acquainted with it. I started with night band to afternoon band and now after 10 years of my journey as RJ I am doing the morning shows!”

2. Profession’s Favorite Part

Folks, RJing for sure is a cool profession we know, but what Sheetal admires about it, we wanted to know. “There’s not one thing I love but yes I love the fact that I get paid for talking! *Laughs* She further adds “I can own the city and above all I get a chance to be the voice of the town, people now know Me as RAJKOT NO AVAJ, RAJKOT NO VATT(Rajkot’s Voice, Rajkot’s Pride).

3. RJ Sheetal As A Child

“Very shy!!!” was a spontaneous reply to which she added “I would sit in a room without even people realizing that I was actually there. I was so quiet! But along with that I was punctual and studious too.”

4. RJ Sheetal In PersonRJ Sheetal Radio Mirchi

“I love my own company. I like to explore myself in my own ways. I love being in the lap of nature. I can sit for hours gazing at the beauty of nature. I meditate every morning which brings me positivity. I am more into spirituality. I do believe in karma, if not in God.” She adds “ohh yes! I love to travel solo! I have travelled more than 14 countries and 16 Indian states. And I love long drives so very much!!”

Clearly! This girl is loves to be with herself!

5. Favorite Leisure Pursuit

“I love to sit on the terrace and watch sunsets! It is one of the most beautiful things to do I believe. I can sit on the beaches for hours. And if I am on vacations, I will surely go travel and explore the world. I love to explore myself and the world I live in.” That’s cool!

6. The Dream Man

When asked what her dream man is like, with a beautiful smile she says, “A man with whom I can share my incompleteness without hesitation, with whom I can sit on the beach for hours without talking, doing nothing yet feel like I had the best time! He should have good sense of humor and should understand the importance of individuality. In relation there should be equal importance for three of us… ME, HIM and US! <3”

7. Favorite Place To Beat The Hunger

“I am not much of a foodie person but Imperial Palace’s broccoli almond soup and Season’s Apple Pie are few of my favorites so I can be found there occasionally.” When asked about her favorite street food here’s what she had to say“I love to munch on Bhungda Bateta at Palace Road!”

RJ Sheetal Radio Mirchi8. The Styling Mantra

“For me being comfortable is being fashionable. I don’t style much on a regular basis. I go easy going. But if you ask my favorite attire then I would say saree. I believe someone in saree is way sexier than someone in a bikini.” And we second that!

9. Idea of First Date

“Dinner in a five star would not fancy me. I would rather prefer to spend some quality time with that special person on a beach or at my terrace under moonlight.” Woo! That sounds quite romantic.

RJ Sheetal is real fun to talk to and we couldn’t resist grilling the Mirchi hot RJ under a rapid fire round, and she was AWESOME! Here is what she had to say:

  1. Relationship status? Single (and available!) *Laughs*
  1. First love? Family!
  1. Hollywood or Bollywood? Hollywood
  1. Sports or Cinema? Cinema
  1. Romantic Dinner or Water Zorbing? I am an adventurous person… And being romantic these days is no less than an adventure! *Laughs*


Phew! The Mirchi Girl was really quick! We didn’t have a hamper for her though! Tell us what you like the most about RJ Sheetal in the comments section below.We assure you, she is reading this!


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