Virtual reality and women

What is virtual reality?

Our sense of reality comes from the meaning that our brain creates from the signals from our sense organs. Nowadays science and powerful computing have found ways to stimulate senses in a pre-defined way making you experience things that are actually not present in real but feels like real. This experience is virtual i.e. unreal and this concept is called as “virtual reality”, or VR in short.

Why is virtual reality exploding?

Virtual reality has tremendous benefits in several areas such as medicine, surgery, sports, arts, architecture, entertainment etc. Out of these, entertainment forms the biggest chunk for a normal person.

The biggest attraction of VR for a normal person is that VR can transport the person into completely different world. It is like ‘living’ a fantasy. The person can choose who she or he wants to be and even have super powers. Alternatively, the person can even experience an event such as a romantic scene, space travel etc., as if she or he is right there at that place at that moment in time.

Virtual reality offerings for consumers

Virtual reality industry is evolving in two directions. One direction is the content that covers ‘what’ is experienced. The second direction consists of devices with which the content is experienced.

The VR contents are of two types. One category of contents is VR videos in which the person can ‘feel’ like real but cannot interact with any object present in the content. It is like being inside a movie but only as a viewer. The second category comprises mainly of games in which, by taking the desired avatar, the user can interact with the objects present in that world.

Presently, majority of VR devices present in market are VR headsets that stimulate sense of sight and vision. Other device include specialized gloves that give you hand-in-glove tactile sense of touch for results of your actions in the virtual world, or gives you means to interact with objects with hands.

Challenges for women to experience virtual reality

Presently, VR devices are unintentionally sort-of male-centric. For example the VR headsets may not fit smaller head sizes of a typical woman, or the gloves may be little loose etc.

Even though rare, but inappropriate behavior including sexual harassments of female characters has been reported in virtual world of multi-player games. Because the virtual experience is like real, the bad experiences also ‘feels’ like real for the woman.

Tips for women to enjoy VR to its fullest

a) Consider buying VR gear after testing it yourself. Alternatively, purchase VR devices from such sellers who offer trial period and refund fully if you are not satisfied.

b) Please do not be timid if you experience inappropriate behavior in the virtual world. If he can cross limits of decency, you too can teach him life lasting lesson that too without any fear of repercussions in real life. If the game has a feature to avoid annoyances from others, then you can use that too. Additionally, it is always good to report it to the gaming company requesting them to build features to report or ban such people in future upgrade of the game.

c) Sometimes strong eye makeup can confuse VR systems. So if the VR system appears to be not working only for you, then please try after reducing or removing eye makeup.


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