VcourTs: A Smart Way to Mediation

  I am compelled to write my thoughts on this because of what keeps on happening every day. The news headlines have news of bribery, corruption, rape, property issues, issues related to insurance and much more. Do we like reading them? No one does. Rich people file cases and win and the weaker ones get the run-around. Is there a way that can change this traditional but ineffective way of tackling an issue?

VcourTs is the solution. It is a novice solution that opens doors for all the litigants who are in need of justice but they are deprived of it for ages, sometimes even after they have breathed their last breath. What is the justice when you are given justice after the time has bid adieu. The world is changing and so has the ways of doing things. Shopping which could be never thought of being done virtually is the latest trend. So why not fighting for your rights?

With this new app which is up for download for both the parties, lawyers and litigants, is creating waves of change that our country needs. There are a number of cases which is pending and if one has to follow this traditional way, then justice is a long journey. If you want to put an end to this road that looks like has no end to it, downloading this app and finding a lawyer who can help in mediation sounds logical. It saves time and money. Carrying a smartphone doesn’t make you smart, carrying smart apps do.

Just to throw light on a recent incident that took place in my vicinity. Two brothers were on the verge of filing a case against each other for some property dispute. Someone informed them of this app. They downloaded and got the matter closed through mediation. Imagine, if the brothers who have blood ties had to fight against each other, they would not just lose money and time, but the most precious thing, that’s the bond they had. With a small step taken by them, they are in good terms once again. Of course, they had to settle things and there will be a little difference in their behavior, but this result is far better than what they would have had to face if the case was on. Visiting the court every month, spending on the commute and sparing time from their busy schedule and more than that, the time that would never return were skimmed. Within a few months, they came into mediation with a budget that didn’t dent either’s pocket.

I was curious to know more of the app and hence downloaded it to see what it has in store and I see that there is more to it than just mediation. It gives a good hand holding to startups, businesses, and taxation.

Carry your problems in your pocket with a solution that is guaranteed and efficient. You must have it to believe it.

I wanted to share this as our society faces with many issues every day, even in the households. Letting people know about this could enlighten them of the smartest ways to their problems.

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