V Day Special: A New Lingerie Will Be a Better Gift Than Chocolates

Its valentine!!!

Gift her chocolate, she will love you till it melts in her mouth, gift her perfect lingerie and you will have her heart till her eternity….

Lingerie are the most special in every girls wardrobe, before deciding a dress, its struggle for every women to get that perfect lingerie that would compliment her body and add shape and perfection to her dress. So why not gift her a little special sexy lingerie that will just wow her and goes perfectly with her favorite LBD (little black dress) for your date.

Dresses- dresses everywhere and it’s necessary to have matching lingerie for it. No matter how fancy the dresses get but believe it or not fancier and sophisticated gets the lingerie. And be the special festival of love- valentine, you can just have the chance to spice it up with a hot alluring and fashionable lingerie that will just take you closer to your love’s heart. Not only lingerie will present your love in an intimate way but make your partner realize how much you know them.

Just as girls can’t get full of their clothes no matter how big and stuffed their closets are, they can never get full and bore of their lingerie. Be it corsets, body suits, bras, crotch less innerwear or even panties girls dream of sexy, hot and perfect fit lingerie more than they dream about their mister perfect. Be it gym, date, college or even sleep lingerie are different for every occasion and every girl has different needs for every occasion. Then comes those laces, varies styles like off shoulder, shoulder less, alter neck and just silicon or padded there are millions of styles that could multiply you love by billion if you get the right fit and color.

So once you know what you want to buy which will depend on the occasion you want it for, next comes which style and color will your partner prefer the most. Some lovers are gym freaks which makes sports bras and sports lingerie your choice and colors can be alternate, like how cute will a couple look going to the gym together with same or in alternate colors. If your love is more like those cute party type believe me you do have millions of choices and just the right pick and you will be king again. Best part about lingerie is no one can actually lose. So be it any occasion your girlfriend will just love those lingerie and every time she wears it your chances of getting lucky gets proportional with how much she adores your valentine gift.

Getting the perfect lingerie can be a little tricky but this is the perfect test for how much you know your partner well and real ones will just rock this up. The basic rule for any lingerie is the occasion which decides what you want to buy the dress that decides the style and color and then just know the size and your valentine will just realize your love as soon as she opens her gift and tries it out.

So this time give those chocolates and teddies a break and plan a date in your house with candles and perfumes and gift her perfect lingerie which makes your love steaming hot and your valentine a festival of your life.

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