Top 5 Exceptional Yet Under Rated Place To Visit in India

When travel is concerned, travelers always have a few places on mind. They consider travelling to hill stations like Manali, Mussorie or Shimla. Cities with beaches are another hot favorite. May be that’s because people don’t like to take risk. India is a colorful country with varied race and religion living under one umbrella. It is too good to be true that you can enjoy your holidays in these five places I am going to talk about within your budget, may be less than that and have immense peace of mind. You will be surprised to encounter more about your country.

The Top Five I want to refer to all you travelers

  1. Sanchi, Madhya Pradesh: Considered as the world heritage site by UNESCO, Sanchi is located in Madhya Pradesh. It is the most ancient Buddhist sanctuary in the country. That’s a pride. The city has many monuments and out of those, the one that stands out is the Great Stupa. Try your visit there and you have an amusing feeling for sure.  sanchi
  2. Hampi, Karnataka: This is another of UNESCO’s world heritage site. The tiny village was once the capital of the Vijaynagar Empire that ruled over South India between 14th to 16th century and the capital was a treat to the eyes with monuments as well as temples. Although the monuments and temples are in ruins as there is no one to feel the sad tale, yet the silent story that you will hear when you are there is a must try.  karnatka
  3. Khajuraho Temples, Madhya Pradesh:The temples in Khajuraho of Madhya Pradesh are a sight not to be missed. They have architectural genius and carvings that anyone can fall in love with. Initially there were 85 temples but now only 25 temples remain. That’s sheer shame. The temples were known to have been built between 250 and 1030 AD. So why not try to explore something of our history this time when we plan to travel?   sanchi stop
  4. Kanha Meadows, Madhya Pradesh: We have always known of Jim Corbett National Park and Rathambore National Park. There is another national park that is equally adventurous and a sight like that of those famous ones. Spread across a span of 900 square kilometers, is a massive one. It is also known as a tiger reserve. Royal Bengal Tigers, Sloth Bears and Leopards are the specialty of this park. If you love animals, then this place in MP can be a great place for you.   khana mp
  5. The Brahmapautra, Asom: The only river which represents a male is the Brahmaputra which means the son of Brahma. The river is magnificent and instills solace in one when having a view of it. Although a massive one but not as famous as the Ganges in India. If you have a planned trip to the North East region, don’t forget to drop by in Guwahati to have a closer experience with the river.  brahmputra-asam

Some places are meant to be under rated I guess. With popularity, such places lack the curiosity of people. Now that you know about these terrific places one can pay visit to, I am sure you will give a thought over it. Say no to beaches, say no to hill station but say yes to the places that tell you a history.

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