The Six-yard Wonder: Sari

We Indians have age old Traditions & Rituals which we love and follow religiously. The relevance of sari can be traced way back even beyond our imagination. It is called as the soul of Indian fashion which is never out of trend. It is one thing that exist all over India, draped in different fashion as per each tradition. Over the millennium, it has become sensuous, glamorous and all time wear for women of all ages.

When we speak of sari the first name that reflects in front of me is Rta Kapur Chisti, co-author & editor of Saris of India and runs the sari school. She says “I show women the beauty of sari, I nourish their deep understanding of its drape and different styles of pleat”. She has being conducting workshops and training all over India on how to drape sari.

Be it any style, trendy, elegant, sharp or sophisticated you can make a statement and standout by pairing your sari with right choli and accessories. It’s available in different fabrics like cotton, silk, chiffon, georgette, crepe, and many more to choose from as per your personal style. From one of the upcoming movie Mohenjo daro, designer Anavila mishra showcased a line of linen saris in Lakme Fashion Week.

Anavila Misra

Be it past or present the charm of this six yard can never be overpowered.

Be it any theme or occasion like daily wear, bridal wear, party wear, designer or Bollywood, we have multiple options to purchase them and flaunt them in style.

This sensual attire is the most graceful costume for women in India, however we need to keep few tips in mind while draping them to perfection:

  • Always wear your sari as per your waist, it shouldn’t be too high or too low.
  • Try not to pleat chiffon, net or georgette saree to get a sensual look.
  • If you are pinning your sari it should be proper without that pin showing up.
  • Check the blouse that you are going to match with your sari to get the complete look.
  • Go for a minimal jewellery, don’t try to hide the grace of sari with excess jewellery.
  • Check for the accessory (sandals and purse) that you are going to carry. Bag should not be of oversize and avoid wedges.

Embrace your passion for sari and keep looking beautiful!

Picture courtesy: Lakme fashion week, anavila misra, mohenjo daro movie










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