You all want to look good, but do you really take the efforts towards your appearance in today’s fast world?

Sometimes you have your best looking days and sometimes you are struggling to look good. Why does this happen? Probably because you do not give much time and attention towards your appearance on those days. And what happens next, you don’t feel confident, you are not yourself, you tend to lose focus on your work and you constantly worry about your appearance, and at the end of the day you are not in a very good mood, however on the other hand on your best looking days, you feel confident, you are more productive, more social, your day runs smoothly, and finally at the end of the day you feel good. Your thoughts, emotions and actions are all inked with your appearance. It’s a CYCLE!

As said by Judith Rasband , the master of Image Consulting “The way you LOOK affects, the way you THINK ,the way you FEEL , the way you ACT or BEHAVE and then the way others REACT or RESPOND to you.”It all starts from your APPEARANCE!

Now how does appearance help you to be successful?

To be successful first of all you need to get an opportunity. After getting the opportunity you need to perform with the knowledge and skills you have, and also keep gaining new knowledge, experience and skills.
However, getting an opportunity is the kick start towards your success and is completely dependent on your FIRST IMPRESSION!

Your First Impression depends upon the confidence you carry, your communication skills, your education, knowledge and experience. But there is something that communicates a lot about you besides the ones mentioned above, YOUR APPEARANCE!

When you walk in for an interview or a meeting, your Appearance communicates first. Without even having any verbal conversation people make a perception about you in their minds only by looking at you. Based on that perception they will form an impression about you and then will further assess you considering your communication skills, experience and knowledge. It all starts from your APPEARANCE again!

Your Appearance not only includes your clothing, but also includes your grooming, body language and etiquette. It is very important that your appearance is in harmony with your verbal communication and it works for you and not against you.

So as you all now know that it all starts from your APPEARANCE, start taking efforts towards it and make looking good a lifestyle, and not only a habit as it will help you towards your success.

Dress to look successful and success will follow YOU!

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