The law in (Her) Eyes

Equality, justice, fights, candle light marches, protests, victims… all such words have become our native words in the country that we live in. I still remember that there was a time when a small case of molestation or rape would become national news with everyone teary eyed at the thought of the victim. And here we are today, the modern generation, the year 2017, the 21st century. Such news is no longer a headline. It has become a common and fearless offence, that just a newsflash during the main headlines or a small 100 words article in some insider pages of the newspaper is all that we get to hear or see about! Not their fault, can we keep listening to the intensity of such things every day and then begin with our daily routines? For me, it is impossible!

Not just that, the rituals and religious beliefs that the country has always drowned under, still continues to hold its place tight, with so many restrictions. Which free country are you talking about, where women, for a natural process such menstruation, are not allowed to follow their religious beliefs, are shunned away from the kitchen, cannot eat in common utensils, are stopped from going out and in some cases are even made to sleep on the floor! What do you mean by we are unclean? Mind you, it is because of this process that there is an ability to bear a child. And it is a shame that some of such children grow up to become disrespectful men!


Might I question, where is the law? Free democratic country, laws, police, politicians, constitution; none of us women want to hear any such words. All we want to know is, where is the law? In this free democratic country, is there a law for women? Very recently, a minister at a reputed post was heard giving statements that he should be ashamed of. Here’s my question, who makes such people the ministers?

The country is clogged with politics and their trials; in this process, I do not see many changes happening. The feeling of being touched by someone random is inexplicable. How would you know that feeling Mr.Minister? The feeling of letting go of so many things in life, just because of being born a woman, well who gave the humans the choice to chose what gender is capable of what? I am sure that when God created men and women and gave one physical strength and the other mental, it was because he believed that together this becomes one strong person, one strong pillar. He might be disgusted at the thought of how humans have managed to use it against their own people!

Molestations on roads, out casting during periods, father’s raping their own daughters, women being left at altars due to dowry, being used after marriage as a maid with no life of her own, and threatened in case she plans to raise her voice! Good Lord! This is all infuriating. Here, let me tell everyone what law looks like in our eyes!

I, as a woman, for myself and for many others like me want to live in a country where our birth is celebrated which even today seems like a myth. Failing which, fine people! We want to live in a country, where giving birth to more than two children is not permitted in an awe for a son. This only leads to 6 to 7 girls with respect zero for each. A country where boys from their childhood are taught about respecting girls and women. A school where boys and girls are given sex education in one room and are not separated out to avoid embarrassment. What is there to be embarrassed? If we teach the future generations about how normal a thing this is, unlike what was done for our generations, then that laughter and giggle can be done away with! A country where we are not asked to stay away from our fathers just because we begin maturing and start menstruating; at the same time we want men, relatives and fathers who can be trusted. We want a law, when members of their own family are caught troubling, beating or molesting women of their own family, they are shamed publically.

A country where walking on the roads wearing a pair of shorts, because it is 45 degrees, is not nicknamed as being a slut or a careless woman. A law where if a woman proves with videos and witnesses the crime of being touched or teased at a public place, there is no scope of hearing or justification from the criminal. Where he(they) is/are immediately put behind bars and beaten till the same redness of pleading is heard in their voices. A country where rape ceases to exist; and if it still does happen, then we do not use years to announce the conclusion. Where they are hung to death on an immediate basis. A law where such criminals are not awarded with bail to further come and act more valiant.

A country where a bride’s father is not burdened. A country where marriage becomes about family and love and not about money and food. A society where the money offered is not counted but the cost of such weddings is shared to the best capability. A country where daughters are allowed to send their salaries back home to their old unsupported parents even after becoming someone’s wife. A house where she is treated no less than a daughter and not a daughter in law. Failing any of which, or complaints to any such ill-treatment or not being allowed of taking care of one’s own parent is heavily fined!

Yes, I want to live in a country where I can stand head help high and say, yes this is mine, and I am proud to be here because this country loves and values me! A country where I am a princess not just to my father and husband, but to every man! The day is not far when all of this backfires; and when it will, the mental strength women hold is enough to bring in this revolution, but it shall be ugly!

Yes, this seems like a fairy tale land, but what do I do? I am a woman, and the tender side of me still hopes for this fairy tale to come true!

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