The discriminated soul in Corporate World

We are in an era where women’s suffrage was accomplished long ago and women are treated equal to men. There is right to vote, right to speak and rather there are many opportunities that are there for the women to grab a job opportunity. They are being given what they deserve. But, this is not the end of the story because ours is a sarcastic world. We don’t really mean what we speak. Only suffrage, Industrialization, privatization, globalization does not grant equality. Equality comes where system and point of view intersect. Men still have that perception that women aren’t made to do everything that men can. There are many issues that are faced by women in Corporate World that clearly indicates discrimination and sarcasm:

  1. Biasness

All of us know that when a woman or even a man comes up for a job, he or she has to sacrifice comfort and do something out of the box. But, there are many jobs that are considered imperfect or inadequate for women like “Civil Engineering, Sales, Marketing and Site Jobs”. As per them, they cannot take much of physical exertion and hence many of the recruiters don’t just appoint women.

  1. Gender, the discriminatory factor

Many of the corporate people or recruiters think that women are comparatively bad when it comes to using brain. As everyone would have heard “Women are bad at calculations”. When a man makes a mistake in calculation, it is a mistake and hence justifiable but when a woman does, it becomes a trend. In short, “When someone says something wrong, it’s wrong, but if everyone starts saying it, it becomes slang”.

  1. Woman Boss

A man can never accept a woman to be her boss. As per the man, it is his inability that a woman is ruling him. He feels offended to report to a woman and it is an ego issue to him. But the issue is, that a woman is smart enough and isn’t easy to be satisfied. When she rules, she needs everything at best. Being kind to everyone, she maintains a balance between work and power.

  1. Security

There is always a security concern when it comes to women working in corporate world. This is again driven by men only. If men had never harasses women, women would have never been at threat. They are not meant to work after a point of time like they don’t work in late night shifts. As the sun sets, all of the crazy desperate men start changing their point of view of gazing women. Now sunlight is also a driving force of changing the requirements of men.

  1. Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment is again an issue. “If you don’t have the capability, you still have a lot to give to get the promotion”. Yes, this is how women have to face challenges every now and then. They are lured of promotion at the cost of their body. This is the most pathetic side of the coin.

Women today are smart enough and it’s just men who have to change. When they enter corporate world, they are ready for the challenges that come their path and they

welcome it with a smile. They are smarter and hence the recruiters should broaden up their minds and see how better women will perform when they are exposed to the areas they aren’t allowed to. Women are the real game changers. After all, someone has truly said “She made broken look beautiful and strong look invincible. She walked with the universe on her shoulders and made it look like a pair of wings”.

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