That’s My Home Too!!!

Why are you back to you mom’s home after your marriage? Shut your stinking mouth. Who are you to question me on this?

Well, this is our society, our Indian society that questions you in every step of your life. A girl can’t be kept at home because they are meant to be married away. Who wrote this? Name the saint who wrote this? A girl shouldn’t return home after her marriage even if she is accompanied by her husband. But what is the reason? A home where a girl was once born becomes a stranger’s house just after she has tied the knot with someone else.

I don’t understand these rituals and custom that brings out no logic in them. If a girl returns home without her husband, even then she is pointed fingers at. To escape that torture, when you bring your husband along too, the society doesn’t spare.

We have a mission, we have a goal and that’s the reason I am back to my small town leaving the metropolitan life in Delhi. Shouldn’t you care about what we are planning to rather than why we are here?

The society doesn’t talk of good that you do. They are like the CCTV cameras that capture the incidents but may be presented in a different way to the world as the CCTV doesn’t have the audio input. Someone rightly said that as “Naradmuni couldn’t be everywhere, he created relatives”. I don’t like the word “relative” as it refers to someone who I am related to. Someone deeply related to me not biologically or any link of family tree makes you my relative.

I hate you donkey minds from the bottom of my heart. If you really care for what the society has to be like, educate yourself to be a human being first. If not, even a rapist is better than you evil minds. Yes a rapist who spoils the life of a girl and her family but the society is doing no good to the whole society by spoiling everyone’s life. Is there anyone who can change the rotten minds and help in making a cleaner world? I am ashamed to be called of the citizens of our country that knows the art of shaming others.

This art however could have no effect on me and my husband as we believe in showing the result than just talk like those loud mouthed people. It was a time of depression for both of us when we continuously had to hear those comments but we took them positively as people talk about you when you are a popular figure.

It definitely has worked out for us and we are doing better. The society still has problem because we are prospering. I have no clue what there problem is. I wish to have an equipment to check the insects of vice that have been breeding in those empty head.

I want all the girls to the give a damn about what the society says. Listen to your heart and follow our instinct. If not today, tomorrow you will reap the result.

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