Teach Your Child The Instinct To Learn Inappropriate Touch

Her father’s childhood friend used to offer chocolates as bribe so that he could win her heart. She was 6 years old when she first got in touch with this person. He was a grey haired man with a smile on his face always. He was a professor too in a reputed college. He indeed was a man of repute and class. Every second day he got chocolates which later upgraded to toys and sweets which any Indian family can fall for. He helped her aunt who was in college to understand tricky concept of Physics. He had brilliant way of teaching. Everyone was fond of his presence as he spread joy and positivity all around.

The little girl Tanvi too liked her. Her fondness was to this extent that she could always sit on his lap and could listen to stories of valor and success from him like any other kid. She got curious to have a look at the talking doll he had at his home. On being insisted by her family that he should let her see that once, he agreed to take her along. He was home alone as his family was out. He let the maid leave the house for some sweets for Tanvi. The maid happily went with the hope that she could try a bite or two. Tanvi was on his lap, nude and shameless. She was talking to the doll and the doll wouldn’t talk back because the battery in the doll had conked off. While she was in that cloth less state, he touched kissed her on cheeks and eventually began caressing her. She didn’t object as she was too young to understand what was happening.

The visit got frequent as she wanted to hear the doll. It was the first touch to her private part when she felt that something was not right. She cried but he shut her mouth with a force and locked her inside a room. Scared and terrified, she didn’t utter a word. When she returned home few hours later, she didn’t look happy. On being asked, she replied that the doll didn’t speak to her. Even her mom didn’t show any eagerness to know what was wrong. It is a mother who should be instinctive about any change in behavior of a kid.

A few days later when the child monster came home, he initiated the conversation of the same doll. The family was so used to it now that they wanted her to go along and enjoy with the doll. The child began to cry. Seeing this, the mom finally asked her “what’s the matter?” After a lot of insistence, she agreed to narrate the story. She was traumatized. Her mother was devastated. She didn’t know what action had to be taken instantly. The man was asked to leave. He was furious and humiliated. Asking him to leave the house wasn’t the only step they had taken. They informed the police and got him arrested.

Hearing the sad story of this little girl makes me cry. How can someone be so monstrous that wouldn’t spare a kid? They must be highly frustrated beings with no psychological balance.


This is a lesson for all the parents and guardians. Please be open to the little ones in the house about how inappropriate a touch can be. They should know it so that the day they come across such instance, instant action can be taken. Women do have the instinct to understand an inappropriate touch but the same cannot be expected with a kid who is below 15. It is a message everyone should take seriously.

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