Takeaways from ‘Mom’


’Mom’, the movie created a lot of buzz amongst us awaiting another comeback of Sri Devi. Hardly did we know that the title did not just rouse the relationship between a child and mother relationship. Reviews are common, and every movie has its flaws and ideas. Even though we find it hard to appreciate every movie due to its loopholes and we are left wondering why people agreed to work on that story, but it does not steal from the fact that it involves a lot of effort and time to make a movie. Here are the takeaway’s from the movie; both good and the bad to make sure we take care of both!


Universal Truth

A mother can swim oceans for her child. The movie does not fail to depict the motherly instinct in a woman can move a mountain and this feeling can be seen in plentiful! Sri Devi, in spite of the hatred that she is given from her step-daughter, does not take a step back in bringing back the smile that was lost beneath the pain that her daughter Arya went through.


A woman is still not safe in our Country

The movie focuses on the very brutal crime, rape! The movie revolves around how Sri Devi’s daughter rejects a classmate of her class who is in bad company with his cousin and gang. In the grim shady night, from a party, they force her into a car and physically assault as well as gang rape her one by one taking her to the not so silent nights of the ICU where the voices of such men echo in the ears of the victim. In spite of the fact that there have been many movies that have displayed this crime in every way possible, this movie also still boils the blood in the fear of what she went through and if someone close to us is held hostage to this pain?


A movie will ultimately Add So Much Fiction That It Becomes Impractical


Understanding the fact that women are still trying to feel equal and welcome in whatever form they feel comfortable, and also the fact that many of such fictions have in the past tried to bring out this reality out in the open, none of them has sadly offered a solution. I do not mean a solution to wear better clothes or to change the minds of such men. But a solution to the families dealing with such victims in their houses, or a solution that makes these cases a fast track one with no nonsensical proofs from the criminals especially when there valid proof available!

This is a fun one but I had to mention it; Sri Devi still looks as young and ravishing as before, and that is mere inspiration

Gone are the days when we play the age card; none could guess her actual age if they did not know Sri Devi but then, does someone like that exist? Throughout the movie, Sri Devi, whether at home, in a scene of distress or even as a biology teacher manages to look exceptional making it hard to look away from her! No wonder her fan following! This woman has proved that Indian Women too, have in them that stance to pull off whatever they wear leaving people wide-eyed, just like most of her expressions from this movie.

Lastly, mom is one fine film, that might shed one tear from your eye by the end, but only because she is able to make her place in her daughter’s life!

The entire movie goes on about even after being raped, the girl does not want her mother around her, the only female close to her life! Yet, only because of the murders that she finds her mother has been doing, to give the victims the pain that they gave her daughter and even because the jurisdiction failed to give her daughter a fair chance in the society by liberating the criminals, the daughter gives in to her ultimately giving her the strength by saying the one word ‘MOM’ which was left out throughout the movie.


All in all, the plot has loose ends, that makes us a little uncomfortable but the movie does a swell job in keeping us gripped to it in the end of it! If we see the second half, as just a movie and not connect the issue to reality, then for sure, this movie is artsy in its best form! Every actor has proved their worth, protagonists and antagonists! Sensitive people must choose this over the other flicks this weekend; just my suggestion!


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