Sweet Taste of Success- RJ Riyaa, Mumbai

When it comes to visual entertainment, it becomes much easier to be understood and expressed as people are flaunted with faces! The challenge is when you speaking to an entire city, from one studio room yet being flooded with phone calls only because you are being understood and people love listening to you! I am talking about the wondrous job of a Radio Jockey and today we won the opportunity to interview a flourishing radio jockey from the city of dreams, Mumbai!

RJ Riyaa Sengupta is a success story of how some part of the youth stands out from their peers and make their existence count way before many begin to fall into place! This young RJ, now a fledged singer is making her way to full blown success! As a child, RJ Riyaa, remembers being a traveller to cities such as Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata thus collecting various experiences and observations that are a part of her expressive profiles today!

We asked her a few questions about her life, and she shared with us her life like a book worthy of a read! About becoming a Radio Jockey she says, ‘ This was never planned and an absolute magic I must say. During a singing gig, I met somebody who happened to be an employee of All India Radio. No, he did not get me this opportunity, but it was the first time I heard of radio as something more than just playing while travelling. Within few days, I happened to speak to a professor who took my radio class in the past, again not with any intention of landing myself as an RJ, but for other work opportunities. That is when he said just get auditioned and what is more unbelievable is months after, when I forgot about the audition and decided to quit my previous job/profession for my primary passion i.e. singing, life changed for me! The day is an unusually memorable as it was the day I sent my resignation letter, but also the day I received a call from the radio station saying “You have passed the audition”.

Her charming story led to ask her how challenging the work of an RJ actually is because it is in style to become a part of a radio station but not all know the back end efforts behind it! She says, ‘People feel RJs have to simply talk, but that’s really not true. The biggest challenge here is the word mistake cannot exist! It is not a documentation that can be deleted, an RJ’s job comes out as words from the mouth that cannot be taken back. I guess you have got a fair idea of how thoughtful and careful one needs to be in a job like this… along with this comes other routine tasks that we do but priority is always about being very very mindful of what we speak. And believe me to think and talk is the biggest challenge in the world, or else people would be living way more happily!’

RJ Riyaa is the living example of an independent woman who entrusts that her support system is her own belief in herself that is backed by the belief of few other loved ones. This is what keeps her going forward with the hope that there is so much more for her to achieve! She is not just a Radio Jockey but utilises her talent in varied ways. Sitting free is not her thing and whenever she is off the show, she turns into a freelance singer, anchor and Voice over artist!

A woman with a strong will she has a lot to impart! When asked how she defines the role of a woman in the entertainment industry she promptly said, ‘I genuinely feel it is still not as established as the world claims it to be. Any section that you see, actors, singers, dancers etc. you will realise women are yet not leading there because of various reasons. Just like our country, even our role is in the developing stage but truly needs to develop soon. Recently at a chat show with Anupama Chopra, the known upcoming Bollywood singers, raised the same issue of equality of singers and I am sure the issue remains in the rest of the fields as well.’

We further asked her- You are an icon for young listeners, what message would you give them to make a career in radio? Her experienced mind answers with an exactness that, ‘With so many radio stations the number of RJs are also increasing but what’s important is not everyone one is remembered for their show. If you have the voice and most importantly, the passion for keeping doing the same thing but with a new approach every day then you should always give it a shot!’

With all the pleasure that we received from interviewing this complete woman, we could not let her sign off without her message to all you beautiful Complete Women readers out there! She with joy expressed that,’ A complete woman in our generation is somebody who leads a life of her choice but unfortunately, a woman even the modern ones, are still hesitant to do things their way. My message below is something we hear and ignore every day. Therefore, I am reiterating it for all you lovely women there, I hope it makes a difference to you.
“Do not spend your entire life in making a better one for others, do what brings happiness to you, do what was left behind, do what you could not do before. Create your identity by doing whatever it is that you know or love to do, make time for yourself because not only your families’ but even your life is just for once so as much as you are the backbone of your family be the same to yourself so that you have no regrets.”

We send out our biggest thank you to RJ Riyaa Sengupta for her time to reach out to all the woman out there looking for an inspiration to rise above all odds! Check out below the links to her passionate singing and subscribe to her channel to let the melody buzz you whenever there’s something new.




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