Apart from writing, by profession I am also a teacher. And trust me, it is hard to stand on the other side of the table always being looked at by curious and judgemental eyes. So much that every fumble makes you feel dumb of not being able to meet up with their expectations. It takes effort to teach a class of so many questioning pupils in the one single hope that every word out of your mouth registers as a convolution in their brain. That being said, it is also a profession of sheer joy when you see students cheer in tune to wish you at your first sight because you are indeed their favourite for various reasons! Although a strenuous job, at the end of the day you’re all smiles, because in spite of the many scolding you put them through, they still cling out of the windows of their bus, just to wish you a bye!

And then comes that one opportunity, when as a teacher, you get to meet the parents on the PTM also called, parents teacher’s meeting! A horrifying day for both students and parents, and an extensively difficult day for teachers who are always playing the best of their words in their minds not wanting to disappoint any parent and yet wanting to make their point. But the last time I was in one such meeting, I went through a series of emotions, mostly emotional.

I am sure, every woman with a child reading this article will agree, that the times have changed horrendously and so have the choices of children. I can still vividly remember us as children turning pale at the sight of an angry teacher or parent, knowing in our minds that ‘here we are! Caught!’ On the contrary, it is this generation that has no fear of anyone what so ever. Even though life is only going to be harder as time goes on, children are becoming less sensitive and more careless towards their families and lifestyles.

I was attended to mostly by many mothers who have given up wholesome and successful careers only so that their child can have a good one only in the one hope that he/she turns out to be the face for their pride. Gone were the times when we were pressurised for top scores and distinctions. You mothers today have become so patient and accepting to everything your child wants to do, but yet a slight sense of sadness prevails; Reason?? The lack of sensitivity felt in the children who are drowning us in all their wants and demands not understanding the bit of social or financial situations. Most of us would dare not argue in front of our adults no matter how badly we wanted our wish to be sufficed.  But here we are in a generation being labelled as bad mothers for not being able to manage a similar pair of shoe as that of a peer. Yet, you continue tirelessly, each dawn starting from the wake ups until the hour that you get stares from your husband for having the child still up at late hours. Let me not be biased, many families do have an extremely supportive husband who does help around in all this management, but so many don’t!

        Yet these mothers shone themselves, with their sparkling eyes staring right at me, in anticipation of hearing at least one good remark in spite of being yelled at at home for making no complains to the teacher whatsoever! My eyes glistened in sentiments when I heard mother after mother giving me a tedious list of things they do for their children, and there the child was, staring at the mother behaving innocent as a cat! There was not a single mother who had a concern of the disciplinary issues they are facing at home in the hope that I would tell the children the next day to make changes in their lifestyles and be good. And that got me to thinking, what are women really made up of? Did God really forget to put a meter to break our patience as far as a child is concerned? How can you all still continue to do the things that you are, knowing, you are receiving nothing in return? Just in the one hope, that your child does not have to sit there asking you to fill a form on your behalf when he/she is older, you go through so much, or, hoping that your child will be able to make necessary arrangement and thus would never have to be home instead of living a career! And this is why, you’re not just a woman, but you are indeed a Wo(man), the strongest of the gender. Who cares that women are physically week, it is the mind and heart that counts, and that only makes every young and single girl like me count my blessings every day for the very mother who I have, who might have also made the 100 changes and sacrifices for my happiness, and in the gayness of what I will be when a mom! Although, I never remember me being an insensitive child, here I hope that time changed back again. More power to you beautiful women!

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