Success Story of Kiran Shobha

There are many women in our fellowship who were once away from the eyes of spiritualists. But once they realized their worth, discovered their hidden talent and climbed the ladder to their ambitions, they achieved success.

‘The complete women’ has taken an initiative to convey success stories of such women to stir your hearts.

Today we have a success story of Mrs. Kiran Shobha to share with you. Professionally, Kiran is a computer engineer and a model. She gained the title of Mrs. India 2016 Body fit.

Kiran was born on 19 September 1983 in Hindon city, Ghaziabad. Her father was in the Indian Air force (currently running a school in Buxar, Bihar). The Indian Air force background embedded in her disciple and adaptability. Her mother is a house maker and played an important role in shaping her and her older sister and younger brother’s future.

Since childhood, Kiran has been very ambitious and dreamed of becoming an engineer. She was a bright and all-rounder student actively participating in curricular activities. In the later years of her life, she did B.Tech in computer science from Bharat Institute of Technology, Meerut. Kiran was a topper and became an honors holder in her graduation. After completing graduation, she resolved to serve software industry.

But the escape of her dreams made her land into fashion and glamor world. Kiran got married 10 years back. Her husband runs a banquet hall. She is now a mother of 9 years old.

Till 2016 her life was confined to her office and family. She was reserved person and utilized her free time reading books, writing blogs and painting.  But fate held a different tale for her. Her life took a turn when she decided to participate Mrs. India competition 2016.  This started as a fun challenge. She and her friend while surfing internet accidently came across the Mrs. India page. To see happens next both of them applied.  She was called for auditions. Her friend backed out but she decided to go ahead. She cleared preliminary rounds, set ashore to the final and won the title of Mrs. India 2016-Body Fit.

But her success story has not been so leisurely as it seems. Preparing herself for the contest was really hard. She used to wake up at 5.00 AM and exercise for an hour. After that, she used to get her son ready for school. After sending her son to school, she used to get to the dance classes at 7 AM. 9 AM to 6 PM was her office hours. Coming back, she took aerobic classes in the evening. The remainder of the time she devoted to her family. The last month before the competition was even baffling. She had to practice ramp walk, work on the body language and costume. But she was determined and focused. Despite the tight schedule, her willpower made her sail through the tough time. Kiran appreciates the backing and blessing bestowed by her folk and acquaintances. Their support had played a significant role in her success.

After the contest, the life of Kiran Shobha changed. She has been approached for many albums, serials, and movies. Kiran has been part of many videos and shoots and has been approached for many future assignments.

She has been associated with charity and social causes. A few contributions by her are mentioned below:

  1. Educating children about the ill effects of tobacco.
  2. Donating books in schools
  3. Free distribution of medicines on the de-worming day.
  4. Mental and physical awareness sessions in school.

Kiran is a brand ambassador for ‘TRANCY’, a women’s wear range from Balaji Creations. She has been invited as a celebrity judge at ‘Chanda Got talent’. She was invited to launch the special edition of ‘Harit Kranti’. She is a member of ‘The World Peace development and Research Foundation’. Also, she has worked with Chandrapur Mahanagar Palika to spread awareness about side effects of polythenes. This event was a part of ‘Swachh Bharat  Mission’.  For her contributions in fashion, technology and her social works, Kiran received ‘Great Achiever Award 2017’

Kiran gives motherhood prime priority. But she strongly believes that a woman has been presented with immense potential. They need to come out of their shells and recognize their abilities.  Also, she believes that there is no age to learn. She is planning to start taking guitar classes and spread awareness about eye donation. She enjoys challenging herself to discover out a more serious variation of herself.

Kiran, You have proved that marriage or having a child is not a route block to your vocation.

 Best of luck Kiran Shobha as there is a lot more to do…

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