Street MBA, Better Than MBAs Done Within Four Walls

Every day I come across advertisements in news papers, on social medias and other platforms advertising about MBAs for family business, start-up, and so on..

And same media also give news on low intakes of students from MBAs creating factories (yes I call it factories and not institutes, because they just produce without any takers).

Many fresher’s come to me and my friends seeking advice on where to do MBA which give them readymade formula of success.

I just smile and show my team, wherein I do not have any MBAs , many of them are not even graduates but that are successful in their respective field and earning more than any recently graduated MBAs.

They just get surprised and ask, How they did it?

I say; They have done MBA on streets.. not in four walls reading books written by great authors (no offence to any author or institutes).

I believe in practical rather than books. I sent them to face problems and difficulties with real worlds. They are trained to face any rejections and objections. They are trained on street to fell down and get up and start again. They are trained to smile in failures and in keep calm in success.

All these are done on “the street”.

My advice to all new generation and start-ups is to start your first journey on street. Dont just get degree and ask for a table job. Real knowledge and experience is available on streets, in those real old markets where people are doing real business and not digital.

If you spend 6 months on street doing sales, marketing and getting to know how they are managing business, it will give you confidence and knowledge more than what you would have got between four walls of some institute having cream crowd, professors of books who never wne to real world to implement what they know.

My words may hit or hurt some community, but these are the realities.

I always speak bitter and truth.. if you can digest,  swallow it or spit it.

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