Stay Unbleached

“The skin is not just an aesthetic decoration: it’s also a reflection of the state of our health, of what’s happening inside our bodies.”

– Aurora Guerra – Head of Dermatology, University Hospital 

There are loads of editorials available about make up tips, tutorials and trends online. When you read them all, you end up not knowing which way to go. We also get to know about natural make up tips and beauty secrets. Believe me, there is no makeup that can give you a fairer skin tone or a permanent flawless skin. No talcum powder makes your skin one tone fairer every week. If there would be a secret to beauty, every woman would be fair and beautiful. It goes without saying that beauty comes from the inside out. I believe this out of the most beautiful women I have ever met in my life. They had nothing to do with the fair skin or the dusky skin they had. Yes, your skin tone does affect a lot on your outer beauty and the way you present yourself to the world. Your look can be maintained by some really natural tricks and ideas (homemade makeup) 😉   stay bleached

I wish to share with you all my personal formula for a permanent flawless and pretty skin. So, to begin with, in order to stay naturally attractive, you need to be happy from within. Your thoughts, your nature and whatever is going in your mind reflect upon your look and your skin. “The skin and the central nervous system are intertwined,” says Dr. Adam Friedman, director of dermatologic research at Montefiore Medical Centre in New York. “Therefore, it’s not surprising that almost any and all skin diseases can be impacted by changes in the nervous system.” When we experience stress, our skin starts getting acne, dermatitis and itching on face. Believe it or not, this is true. If you tend to get angry too frequently to a great extent, you might get allergic reaction and inflammation on your skin over all your body. When you pass days in depression or you stay sad for a couple of days together, your skin gets drier and you will feel dullness in your facial skin. Our skin talks about what is happening inside us. I have also observed that when a person starts envying someone, he/she gets cracks on heels and craw lines at the corners of the eyes. The ones, who worry a lot, get lines on their forehead. People, who are believed to be very shy, tend to have very soft skin. As skin and thoughts are interconnected, food and skin also have a special relationship with skin. If you eat inordinately oily food, you immediately start getting pimples on your face and this oily food directly targets your face.  When you consume food consisting Maida, and when you eat an excessive amount of it, you immediately start getting rashes on your face. If you add beetroot in your diet, your skin gets redder and younger. Leafy vegetables help your skin to get fresh and rejuvenated quickly. But what I personally believe in is the mind- skin connection! And then here are some personal secrets to the beautiful and flawless skin:

  • Got milk? Use it for your face.
    No need to spend much on expensive face washes or soaps. (No one becomes ultra-white as shown in the ads within months using soap, only aliens do!) Instead, apply two spoons of plain milk on your face while bathing and washing your face. This gives a fairer tone to the skin.    face wash                    
  • Ardent to get a drier skin? Try this.

If your skin is extra oily, the above mentioned trick of applying milk doesn’t work. You need to apply fuller’s earth (multani mitti) on you face before washing your face. Do it only once in two days. Massage it for 3 to 4 circular rounds and wash it gently. This also decreases oil from the skin.

  • Want to feel cool, smooth and dry all through the day?

Don’t apply the base or compact powder for your daily office look. Instead, get a wet foundation sponge and dip it into your favourite talcum powder. Apply gently all over on your face, dab it with another dry sponge for an ultimate finish. This closes your pores and creates a cover protecting your face skin so that even though you are out for more than 10 hours, dust or pollens won’t damage your skin. Try to use a baby powder as far as possible.

  • Smarter than Botox.

To avoid wrinkles on your face, hands and legs, you don’t need to go for Botox! Rub Aloe Vera in clock wise circular ways for two minutes every day. Your skin will stay wrinkle free forever. You can also replace aloe vera with rose water for your convenience!

  • Pink lips pink lips pink lips…

Wear a fresh rosy look for your lips by simply rubbing a small piece of beet root on your lips. You can do this daily if you are not so choosy about colours and if you can do with natural red.

  • No bag ladies!

By any chances if you have dark circles and eye bags, you must apply dry multani mitti using your finger tips on that area. Apply 3- 4 layers as required.

  • No marks missy!
    Apply the mixture of 2 spoonful of gram flour, fresh cream and lemon drops on your face to get rid of marks in few seconds. This gives a temporary immediate flawless skin.  stay bleached

Trust me, with this; you are going to get a diva look and such a glowing gleaming face that everyone at your work place will die to get your beauty secret! This is it about making yourself up with few hands reached remedies. For ever- glowing young skin, you need to remember one thing and that is: you need to stay contented and happy from within. Don’t worry much about unnecessary things. Worrying too much causes pimples, remember that! 😉

My skin reacts badly when I am under stress, so I believe it for everyone. I spot a pimple on my skin and I can immediately say this is because of the argument I had had with my boss the previous day! Or I see the watery fresh look on my face and I can recognise this is because of the crooning that my mind just had been enjoying. Our skin hugely behaves the way how we feel. So, it’s necessary to feed our skin with both the nutrients and the emotions. Then it will definitely grow healthy. The light of the skin you are looking for has always been within. So, start a journey towards inner happiness and get a gleaming glow you have always wished for. Stay happy, Stay unbleached!

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