Srishti Behl Arya- A One of a Kind Producer

Srishti Behl Arya is a deep-seated woman who looks at a challenge right in the eye and winks back at it! Soaring above every moment in life, she has set standards for herself in the industry just as her father, producer Ramesh Behl. Assertive with what she needs in life, she is one with whom you have to be instantaneous, equipped with full information and swift with answers!

There is something about her charisma that envelops you to be in awe of her with great respect. On a personal note, when I worked under her as an intern, I used to be on pins and needles when she was around. When I look back, I realise I have not thought as highly of anyone else in the industry as much as her. (No flattery)
Get up-close with Srishti Behl Arya, an appositive producer of several shows and movies in the television and film fraternity!

Did you always desire to be a producer?
No. I always wanted to be a Commercial Artist. Just when I had completed only a year of my Foundation Art Course education from Sophia College, I lost my father. Being the eldest sibling, I had to take over on the film that was held up mid-way due to his sudden demise. That was it. Since them I am a producer along with my brother Goldie Behl, running the company we inherited from him called ‘Rose Audio Visuals Pvt Ltd’.

What was your childhood like? Any particular occurrence you remember?
I had a very happy childhood. I am overall a very happy person. I remember being loved a lot. Strangely, a memory that stays with me is being made to sit on a crane along with the then DOP Mr. Peter Parera who worked with my father. I remember being on the set’s being lifted up on the crane. I felt very joyful.

What else are you involved in apart from being a producer?
I am a voracious reader, a full-time mother to my fifteen-year-old son and my four-year-old dog. I do support some children, but do not invest much on it so far. I would like to change that. (Like I said, honest, honest honest!)


As a producer, we see your brother Goldie Behl in a lot of programmes and award functions but we miss seeing you there. Why do we hardly see you on camera?
The only reason is that I hate dressing up! I do not like going out much. After work, I love going back home and curling up with a book.

What kind of books do you enjoy reading?
I have a very varied interest. I do read a lot of non-fiction. I like reading books written by Asian writers. I have read a lot of books written by Pakistani authors, Indian authors, old and new both. I’m not much into American literature but I read other books such as European fiction writing. I am not genre specific.

Would you share the name of the book you are reading at present?
I am reading a book called ‘Thank you for Being Late’ which is a non-fiction book. It is a book about the incoming of technology and how it keeps changing. I read multiple books at a time. I have a weird habit of reading two-three books at a time. I am also reading a book called ‘The Age of Magic’ by Ben Okri.

Mumbai is a city known for its never ending traffic halts. How do you pass your time when you are stuck in such jams?
Candy Crush!!! I am at the championship level of Candy Crush. (she laughs)

Any other beloved pastimes?
Just reading a lot of books and playing with my almost one-year-old niece.

Who is your inspiration and why?
I keep setting visions about myself every few years. That vision of mine is my inspiration. (I so wanted to know what she envisions next, to which she said)My current vision is an optimum vision of who I can be; A happy fulfilled and healthy person!

As a producer, which moment has been your best?
(She lets an endearing ‘aiyyo’ expression followed by an innocent laughter before answering this one!) Well, I cannot name just one. My best memory is yet to come. I don’t approach things like that. I love my job. I love coming to work. I love being a producer, and the list of moments that I don’t enjoy shall be more than the list I enjoy! I love people. Every time a shot is perfect, every time the screenplay of an episode is completed, I am elated! (I can vouch for that!)
The last I was really elated was today when I was thrilled because a set I visited looked beautiful. At present, I am the producer of the show called ‘Aarambh’.

Any plans to produce a movie in the near future?
There are always plans for movies. Maybe next year! The scripts are ready, once more is confirmed, I will be thrilled to make an announcement.

What does success mean to you as a woman, considering the society is at times gender biased?
I do not think success should be gender biased. Success to me is to live your life your way. If it means to make a lot of money, then so be it. If success to you is education, then that is how it should be. The biggest privilege I have is my freedom of choice and that is the kind of success that I would like to wish for all women!

A message to the readers of our e-magazine, The Complete Woman?
Be kind to yourself. Women are not kind to themselves. Treat yourself the way you would treat a friend. You would never dare to treat your friend the way you treat yourself! Think about it!

She hangs up with a very kind goodbye leaving me in more awe (She always refers to me ‘beta’ or ‘baccha’ turning the anxiety to a smile). That is the kind of personality Srishti Behl Arya is! That being said, I cannot thank her enough on behalf of the magazine and myself for giving me the honour to interview her! Thank you Ma’am.


Interview by: Hemali Adhiya for The Complete Woman

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