Sita – an indispensable articulation of a woman’s psyche

ID-100126048Everyone admires the beauty of a complete woman, the young and the old, the male and the female and the virtuous and the vice. Right! The world is such. Your mother in law would be glad to introduce you; your friends will catch you up very often and believe me for once even your challengers will also consider and bid to close the gaps between you two. That’s the beauty of being a complete woman.

To some a sophisticated earning woman who knows how to dress compatible to a CEO, while to others a simple home maker who knows how to manage her home well. Revolted, I stood when I observed our society’s inability to observe an individual beyond these self modelled characteristics that describe HER as a complete woman.

Nobody even bothered to examine the hustle behind their outcome.ID-100198953 In that case, does it mean that a poor woman cannot be a complete woman as a result of not living a sophisticated life or not being able to serve properly to her family? I deny!

To begin with, have you ever thought who’s SHE? What does she fetch to come alive? Honestly, does she even exist? For a while, let’s go back and catch a sneak preview from our own chapters of Indian history of what it takes to be a complete woman.

Almost all of us have at least once been introduced to the story of Sita by our grandparents, right? Ever wondered why? Thriving simply by virtue she has been presumed to be an icon of ideal woman. Nevertheless, should we forget that even SHE went on compelling to authenticate her purity? In those ancient times, she had to and let me point out even today at some places, a woman has to demonstrate her dignity. I must say, She stood candid, freely expressed herself, spoke harsh words, felt remorse, loved and remained faithful to her husband, cared for her family, didn’t sweep out of her periphery seduced by the charisma and material objects at Ravana’s palace, flew in the face an angry as well as suspicious husband, tried to tranquilized and re-establish her marriage and later followed by her separation raised well balanced children as a single mother yet even in those days, she prevailed firm, patient and aware of her duties towards not only her family, in contrast altogether the society. Consequently, these qualities make a woman complete, when a woman shows up the highest version of human kindness having thorough understanding and capacity to fulfill it according to the priorities required. And believe me one who has deep realization of this wouldn’t need the nod of approval.

I breathe disappointed that it is the society’s collective inability to lay eyes beyond her scrutiny, her pleasing looks, her position and her actions delivered. She doesn’t necessitate being a doctor, an engineer, a good earner or a CEO howbeit only the one who knows taking care of her own business on her own.

While discussing dealings of this article, a good friend rightly puts, “OMG, on that occasion I can make out a complete woman in my maid too. Even though uneducated and poor, she portrays all the qualities of being a complete woman.” I nailed down,” Yes, all the females whether she is a student, a home maker, an artisan, a laborer, a white collar executive or even a blue collar professional for the reason that not where you stand rather how you stand make you a complete woman.

Another concern, the ideal stereotype of a woman remains relentlessly hyped by the advertisements by creating the beautiful images exercising whopping influence on her minds. One who owns a newly introduced gadget or wears eye catchy attire and talks bluntly even though meeting financial requirements of her family without realization of her own self, her inner beauty can never figure out to be a complete woman.

On the flip side, she knows that there exist her own beliefs, morals and inner fire that stand out appalling. She who tailors her behavior to the expectations of society in diverse situations and plays daily battle upon the demands of her family, co-workers and society as an aggregate without requiring several affirmations.

Hence neither high income bracket nor your extremely brilliant culinary skills, however your realization of your duties and ability to reach them make us a complete woman.

The idol of Sita is such an indispensable articulation of a woman’s psyche that in every phase of an ideal woman’s life her name should be solicited.

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