She does not know it!!!

While thinking and traveling across city streets I am quite into habit of observing the most unnoticeable things.

Today when I was driving myself and feeling wonderful about it or say more empowered, my thoughts wandered on how can every women be made strong and independent by getting the privilege of driving. My thoughts were blown away by sight of a thin lady cladded in typical south style saree behind hundreds of tender coconut bunches. What dismayed me was the tool in her hand that looked out of place. For she was a petite figure holding a huge knife with strong grip and using it fearlessly to chop off the hard coconut shells. I have seen this kind of scene before but today it shook me for how I was looking at women empowerment and privilege women seek. Why don’t we appreciate these ladies who take up work which is not considered her type by the society? Why are they left? For I felt they are already empowered. They are strong mentally, psychologically and socially. She is not dependent. She can drive her life. She is privileged by her skills.

Helping her learn another skill like driving will certainly be an add on. But stereotyping as to what can be covered under the women empowerment umbrella is awaiting reconsideration. There are number of things and areas where women are already involved in work, the reason might be family business or for means of living.
Whatsoever be the need we should never pity them and then plan on how there lives can be improved. Rather appreciate and admire what they are doing and plan to leverage them from that level.

Written By- Neha Yadav

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