Sexuality and Spirituality, the intertwined concept.


The best way to define this universe in a single word is ‘energy’. All the living beings in this universe are a formation of sexual energy which is the foremost and most creative forms of energy. Sexuality and Spirituality are so intertwined with each other that it’s not possible to understand them separately. Our spirit is a form of energy which rides the human body like a vehicle. When a human body is sexually active, the energy inside flows. This energy can be released in the pure form of making love or can be disguised in ugly forms like sexual abuse, molestation or prostitution. It is often said that every time a human being indulges in a sexual act the exchange of energy and auras between those two bodies takes place. Hence this exchange should be pious and pure, one’s sexual experience should be a form of sacred experience. As one leaves oneself open to both sex and spirit, one becomes a repository of erotic flow. It is very important to channelize this energy and for this, meditation comes into play. Meditation cleanses our body from within and gives a much required direction to this energy which fills us with ecstasy and contentment.


As per the concept of Dharma Kundalini energy is located at our spine’s end. This is an untapped energy trapped inside our bodies and different cultures have different ways of awakening it. Spiritual gurus refer this energy as a treasure hidden inside our bodies. Kundalini awakening is also mentioned in our Upanishads and many people have shared their experiences regarding awakening of this energy inside them. There are different types of physical and psychological affects depending on kinds of people. This awakening is said to be of two kinds, active, in which the energy is tapped through meditation, Pranayamas and various other types of spiritual exercises under the guidance of an experienced guru while passive is when ones kundalini is awakened by some body else whose kundalini is already awakened. This is referred as Shaktipat. It is said that Kundalini awakening can be experienced in both prepared and unprepared forms. The physical repercussions include, tremors, jerks, tickling sensations, pains etc. There are some emotional impacts as well, for example,  mood swings, emotional numbness, antisocial tendencies and changes in sleep patterns. Kundalini can also be tapped without any deliberate practice. There are people who experienced  awakened kundalini during childbirth, near death experiences, emotional traumas and mental illness. It is said that when the kundalini energy inside our body uncoils, one feels a rush of orgasmic feelings at different chakras of our body. There are fluctuations in hear beats and the blood pressure is also known to rise. Though there are various medical and spiritual explanations to it but there are some unanswered questions related to such practices which can be answered only through ones own experiences.

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