Self Love

Self love is the need of the hour and so important. 
Being kind to others but utmost to self. Being narcissistic to your flaws.
Like hey. You’re pretty.
To feel those freckles are little clouds,
Stretch marks have some horoscopic codes about you.
Body hair little houses.
Black like the sun on my skin.
And being all by yourself shouldn’t be anxiety anymore.
Seeking validation. No more.
Self love can be done in simple ways.
Cutting of toxic people.
Be unapologetically you
Doing things you love and stir your soul.
It isn’t about being the perfect pictures you show and filter off.self love
But what you are on a sunday morning.
Unmasked. Watching tv and in your pyjamas.
It’s embracing simplicity.
Your reality and the way you were born.
Human. Oh so human beneath.
I hope we all fall madly in love with ourselves.
So when somebody points out to you.
All you say is I’m magic and not ignore it around by laughing it off.
Being in love with the way your skin feels.
Your body is.
The way you laugh.
The way you breathe.
The way you snort.
The way you make silly jokes..being raw about yourself.
And not robbing it from yourself.
Because darling the blood system and eyes are similar to the galaxy and nebulas.
Bones microscopically as constellations.
Or else why would you feel so calm watching at the stars?
And go to rejuvenate to nature.
you need to learn yourself again and over again.
skin- body cell.
In your conscious . unconscious
and subconscious.
You are magic.
Taking it to a higher level
You may be a pencil point on google earth.
But all you will see is oceans and greenlands.
you merge into them because you are one.
Ocean of love just not knowing where to direct it.
You are a poem breathing and becoming one softly and slowly.

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