Chemistry Beyond Romance

Some chemistry’s are beyond romance…..

Simmi was middle aged , charming and attractive lady. Graduate from top B school of city , Simmi was always looking for options that could let her thoughts breath. She started working at the age of 19, to be independent was her solo goal in life, until she met Raj. Simmi had a secure job by the time she turned 20. Simmi missed enjoying life as a teenager, due to her priorities. She took to maturity very soon leaving behind her bubbly girly image.

A wrong number creates a chemistry beyond romance

It was on  a rainy night ,Simmi was travelling back from work. Unlike everyday she was very late,  butPune was safe city for her to travel at drop hour. Simmi received a call from unknown number. She was playing conscious and answered the call in a very RUDE voice….. the caller seemed to have dialed a wrong no, he was apologetic for disturbing simmi. She put the call in blunt voice. After reaching home she took to her duties of wife and mother. Completed her house core winded up the day and went to relax on her bed with a Rhonda Byrne’s  book. The thought that she was rude to unknown voice troubled her as she turned the pages ….<surprisingly>…..Romance

Simmi decided to apologies the gentleman  for her behaviour and explain the situation… but he was someone she had never met or even heard before , why was she feeling so thoughtful for a strange voice…..Simmi was  disturbed. She decided to call up and say sorry and just wind the call quickly without making detail conversation. Raj picked up the call, there was something magnetic in his voice which allured Simmi…. they started talking regularly, theirtalks were mostly professional one , simmi could discuss her work issues with Raj as he was from same background , he guided her. Raj on the other hand had high regards for lady like simmi who was efficient enough to handle her work and personal life. The frequency changed from months to week. (Raj was happily married to Rekha.)

A year passed the two strangers  talking for a year without meeting even once and had  become support to each other. Their RELATIONSHIP was mystery; they felt sense of satisfaction in each other’s virtual company… over the calls or messages…

Simmi and Raj have their separate lives. Both of them are happily bonded with their respective partners and respect each other’s space. It’s been a decade and they have not met even once but their relationship stands strong . Chemistry’s are beyond Romance….

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