Recent Molestation in Bengaluru: Women Safe in India?

A young Bengaluru woman whose attack by two men was filmed on CCTV was stalked for nearly a week by a team of men, four of whom were arrested on Thursday. Two others have been recognised but are yet to be tracked, said the city’s new police Chief Praveen Sood, who said the woman did not know her attackers.

The occurrence that caught national attention was taken by a CCTV set up by a local citizen. The video reveals a woman alighting from an autorickshaw and walking down the street when she is followed and surpass by two men on a motorcycle. One of the men gets off the vehicle and holds the woman just as she tries to get into a run. The man forcibly cuddles the woman pulls her towards the second man still on the two-wheeler and both men are seen trying to molest the women as she avoids. The men then throw her to the ground and drive away.

According to the police, two of the accused were also working as part-time delivery boys for a restaurant, which the victim used to visit regularly. The investigation said the accused used to provide food to the victim’s house, whenever she ordered online.

They were also following her for the last one week. On Jan 1, they followed her while she was coming back after having dinner at the same hotel.

The incident in the heart of Bangalore has sent chills down the spines of people. Concerns are being brought up in the performance of law and order in the town. While most of the lots of people have been challenging tight penalties for the causes, there are some who have been attributing the “western culture” to be the cause of development of such criminal offences against women.

However, there are many women who have been displaying the bravery to speak about their personal experience with molestation in public. Many women on Tweets have been discussing their horrible encounters, indicating that no kind of outfit causes molestation, but fed up the attitude of some is the reason for such embarrassing events.

Neither have the police been able to get around the problem and effectively help the women in Bengaluru, nor has us govt guaranteed any further activity other than analysing CCTV video, and so far, things keep looking gloomy. It seems as if Bengaluru is set to become yet another example of the ever-growing number of pestering situations in India which stay just that – an example – rather than being any real cause intended for or demonstration. How many more situations will it take for Indian society to finally recognise that the problem can be found within itself, and the regressive standards it enforces upon Indian women? How many more situations will it take for us to lastly keep the criminals responsible, rather than tell women to take safety measures and not to go out at night?

Social media is hype with others displaying rage and outrage at the embarrassing incident. Many have been challenging tighter rules and legal system to control such occurrences of molestation and rapes.

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