Powerful Body Language Tips

Here are some tips for the thecompletewoman readers who hesitate in presenting themselves on different occasions. Please go through it and find new you.

  1. To boost your confidence, take care of your pose: Power poses like leaning back with hands behind the head and feet up on the desk, or standing with legs and arms stretched wide open at least for 2 minutes stimulates higher levels of testosterone – the hormone linked to power and dominance – and lower levels of Cortisol, a stress hormone. We can try it when we feel tentative but we want to appear confident.
  1. To increase participation, appear like you are listening: Do not ever multitask while listening to anybody. Avoid checking time, mobile phones or other things. Instead, focus on the person who is speaking by turning your head towards them and by making eye contact. Head movement in assertions shows that you are listening and paying attention.
  1. Remove Barriers: Take away any obstacle that blocks your view from other viewers or team members. Holding a coffee cup at different levels tells many things about the person. As higher up you held it, more uncomfortable and insecure you are.
  1. Make contacts: To connect instantly, make contact by shaking hands, patting on shoulders or arms. These gestures are remembered for long as being friendly and open.
  1. Smile: Smile not only stimulates our own sense of well being but also stimulates the same in the other person by telling that you are approachable, cooperative and trustworthy. It changes the emotional state of other persons positively.
  1. Use gestures to express yourself well: Hand movements improves thought processes and helps to express things in more declarative ways. Also, shows your confidence.
  1. Watch feets, to know the truth: Increased foot movements shows nervousness. It is that part of the body that is left unrehearsed. Sitting without foot movement shows self confidence.
  1. Voice tone: Before speaking produce sound ‘um, hmm’ to clear the throat. Keep the tone polite and soft. Authoritative voice starts in one note, rises in pitch and then drops back down at the end. It’s a good sign. It shows manners. Politeness in voice is a must factor.
  1. Uncross your arms and legs, to improve your memory: To improve your memory retention, always sit with uncrossed legs and arms. Such people retain 38% more than those who sit with crossed legs and arms.
  1. Sit straight: Do not move your shoulders up and forward. Sit with stretched and straight spine. It enhances attentiveness as well.
  1. Mirroring: When you are comfortable in the company of other person, you start mirroring the postures of that person unknowingly. If noticed by you, try not to be conscious while handling it.

It will take time to incorporate them in your habits. Once these will be part of your life, you need not to remember them consciously. They will improve your overall personality in a long run.

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