What is your Poison for the V-Day: Chocolates or a New Bra?

The answer to the above question is obviously chocolate. That is not because of the fact that girls love chocolates but for the sole reason that most of us are followers. We follow on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and thus we have got into the habit of following.

Why not choose a different gift from soulmates this Valentine? Chocolates have become cliché and can be surpassed by many other gifts that can woo a woman more. Still being hooked to chocolates give you the happiness, be it. In case you change your mind, how about a new bra with the perfect cup size? Will that make any woman fall for the man again believing that he has known her so much? We are dominated by people and society who don’t want us to be opinionated about gifts too. You have been in a relationship for ages and you are building your love stronger, why the bother?

If you secretly ask a woman, she would never prefer chocolate over a new bra. There are many reasons to it.

Passionate: It is one of the best ways to express passion and belongingness. Anyone would get intimated in a positive way on being gifted a new bra.

Usability: A new bra has usability when compared to chocolates. You can use it for years and with your favorite outfit and it will remind you of the lover boy. Chocolates will vaporize in your mouth in a few minutes. Chocolates have calories too which will make you appear on the healthier side sooner or later. It is the modern age where you need to look skinnier over healthier. Think twice before accepting chocolates.

Be happy that your man is sensuous: Every girl’s dream is to find a man who is sensuous and is ever young and passionate even if the relationship has been longer. This gesture will ignite the fire in the two of you and keep the lamp of love burning in the years to come. People usually complain about the faded love with time. You should celebrate this moment together. You are a lucky woman.

Cuter: A new bra is cuter than chocolates. You can feel it, touch it and have it with you for years and this makes you get closer to your love as every time you wear it, it will remind you of the beautiful day.

Cost effective with more advantages. With all the advantages from emotional to physical, one has the financial advantage with it too. Spending the same amount, a man can get a bra for his love with more to get in return.

Sexually closer: If a man feels that the relationship is on the verge of collapse, then buying a new bra for your wife or partner can develop the desire of making love with the same desire that was done in the past. Let love bloom once again.

A new bra has more emotional and physical significance than chocolates. This Valentine, step for a new change in the tradition and your relationship.

The change is beautiful and who doesn’t want a hot Valentine’s evening?

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