I was always bullied in school for my looks & complexion..

Times have changed and people have stirred far ahead of the times that once existed. If there is one thing that has encountered with no changes is the love of a mother; even today we look out for our mother in all good and hard times, especially the hard ones. This is why covering the story of Mamta Jain, a mother in the truest form while celebrating women’s day is like cherry on the icing.

She has been an ever-sacrificing mother fighting all odds were her children, most prominently her daughter which has now paid off. Her daughter recently made a debut at the Lakme Fashion Week 2018 stealing quite some glares! Here is the mother and professional Mamta Jain’s life story.

We want to get to know Mamta Jain as a professional, and as a mom but before that, what is Mamta like as a person?

Women means POWER, I am proud to be a Woman as I think we are more powerful than Men. ‘MAMTA’ means Love and I describe myself aspassionate and a dream chaser who never gives up. I am dedicated, bold and a good learner who is born with a strong will power. I am no different from any other women, we all are born strong. My ‘Never giveup’ attitude took me to great heights. If someone anything says negative about me, I don’t waste time in proving myself as I can’t keep everyone happy at the cost of my happiness. I am my own critic and I learn something from every treatment.

You have always wanted to be a mother who can be available for her children 24/7. Why is it that you wanted to be a stay at home mom for years?Skin color

As my husband was working in the corporate sector, we got transferred to many places. My daughter was quite intelligent and I thought that travelling to different places would create hindrances in her growth. So, I chose to stay back at our last destination that was Chandigarh. She excelled in every field. I used to sit with her all night to prepare her for exams, projects or any competitions. Creativity is in my genes and I tried to transfer it in her. I used to drive nonstop from fetching to dropping her to schools or tuition centres. She hardly missed her school or any tuition classes. She topped in her 10th &12th std. Same is the case with my son too. He went to South Korea for taekwondo championship and won Gold and silver medals. So my sacrifices gave me my rewards. I have no regrets for not pursuing my career at that time when I could have achieved heights. I can do that now as I still have that spark alive in me and will certainly fulfil my dreams.

The world judges people on face value. It is because of this that you had faced a number of issues when your daughter was born dark complexioned. Tell us about those moments and the feelings you fought.

My life was a roller coaster ride.  I was not accepted with open arms by my in-laws as I could not match up to my husband’s looks. I was born beautiful but because of some physical ailments I was put on steroids and its side effects got me. I lost my real complexion and was advised glasses for my weak eyesight at the age of four. I was always bullied in school for my looks and complexion as wearing glasses at that time was a taboo. The effect was so bad that I started hating myself. I was an all-rounder in school but my looks always created hurdles to impress teachers. Life played a flash back when my daughter was born dark, same fear arose again as I thought that she will also be bullied in the same manner. When we are not appreciated for our talent and are judged by face value, we lose our confidence and life becomes difficult. People commented on her looks too and compared with me always but I was dedicated to enhance and hone her skills. She is an architect now. She has also started doing modelling and has walked the ramp for many reputed brands. I never let her feel that she was not beautiful. Children look up to the person they are very close to and I think mothers are very close to their daughters. So, as a mother I became her pillar, she discussed each and everything with me and she found solace in me. She is still compared with me but now with complete different outlook. She is now complimented that she looks as beautiful as her mom.

How did you counsel your daughter who faced these complex issues throughout your school and college? This could help a thousand other moms who connect with your story.

My journey was tough but my ‘never give up’ attitude showed results. I did everything to make my daughter stand out in the crowd. I never criticised her for what she was but always boosted her confidence by making her do what she thought she will not be able to do because of her looks. I am proud to have a daughter who is a beauty with brains. I sacrificed my career in bringing up my children and now I want to see them from Mighty oaks from little acorns to grow. I didn’t want to repent later by not giving them my time. One thing was very clear in my mind that once my children get settled, I will surely chase my dreams. One has to keep the fire alive within oneself.

How did you choose to become an image consultant? Tell us about your professional journey.

 My journey to Image consultancy happened because of my daughter. We support each other in all difficult situations. When she was in 12th grade, I thought of reviving my career as my prior education was not enough to achieve my dreams of being an Entrepreneur. I did my Image consultancy to plunge into the market and restarted my career. There were too many ups and downs in my life and I was in a state of depression when I took up the course. After the course, my life took a U- turn. My thinking changed completely. It gave me the vision that some are born beautiful but some are made beautiful. I fainted when I first gave presentation in front of my colleagues and now I give training to 300-400 students in a good reputed University. I thank each one who was a part of my life and taught me not to give up no matter what I go through. I teach the same to my students too. I have a fan following who keep complimenting me by saying that they want to become like me.

From all the struggles you fought, to seeing your daughter debut at Lakme Fashion Week 2018 to fulfil her passion has been a memorable journey for you and your daughter. How do you both feel about it? How close are you two?

            Life is not a cake walk for all. Who get everything easily will never know the value of hardships. My dad used to always say that I am his son not his daughter and I used to revert by saying that one day he will be proud to produce me as a daughter not as a son. Though he’s not alive to see my success, I am sure he must be watching from heaven and feeling proud that I kept my promise.

What message would you like to give to all the mothers and daughters this woman’s day?

            My message to each one of you is to never ever degrade yourself. No two persons can be the same. Value yourself and people will automatically start doing so. We are like mirror for others. What Image you will portray for yourself will be perceived by others. Find the best in you and project that. God has showered his love by making us women. We have the power to change the entire world. Take the pride that we can take men for a ride. It is not our APTITUDE but our ATTITUDE that describes our ALTITUDE.

              She signs off with a big smile that left me contemplating my own strength. Truly, Mamta Jain’s story is an apt example of a balanced woman.

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