Parenthood mistakes that I would not want to continue like my parents

Parents are the sole form of beings that do best things for us without any hesitation and support u s morally, financially and in any way they can. It is no rumor that be it any country any family and any place, parents are praised and worshipped for their sacrifices and hard work they put to make a little child best human they can make. With everything they have they give their child all of it, be it movies or drama and sometimes even pop singers that sing about dun and party have some emotional breakdown when it comes to attributing their feeling and gifting as a tribute.

But even with all this there are times that we just don’t like our parent’s point of view and promise ourselves that we would never do that to our children. So here are some of the situation that made us breakdown and while looking at stars we said we are so alone that now even our parents don’t understand us.

  • Parties are stupid: yes yes yes, it is always the reason that we doubt our god’s parenthood and sometimes even make us doubt our love for them. Like it’s just a party and we even promised that we will be back home once it gets over or before the night but the over protective shells that bounds us in home is just not protecting us but makes us irritated and agitated. The day when I was not allowed to go to my bestie’s birthday party I wrote it down as one of the parenthood mistakes I won’t make when I will have children.
  • You get that A: well report cards sometimes just turns on the wrong button on your parents mood. We all work hard as much as we can and we so realize that studies are important but since when, only bringing A in every subject we study became a rule? Well it does become one when our parents want it to be. Thanks to my god my father was an average student but all that studious moms just want us to get the same report card they used to get. I mean how are we in study is all sometimes parents concerned about, they are allowed to cut out our crafts day and make it a home day for the spots day but we are not allowed to miss those boring science experiments and according to them doctor and engineer are only the two professions left in the world that earn respect. But I promise myself that my children will be allowed to be Shakira or Rolando if they want and even if they get a “B”, I will bake them cookies.
  • Don’t talk to parents when they don’t want to: sometimes it is so annoying that something wrong is going on in our family and we as children just want to be a part of it to simplify it but all we get is, “honey help us and go to sleep”. I mean as children’s reputation we are not even given the privilege to even know what is wrong in our family. We know that we can’t solve anything but we can help you get the tension off your mind and believe it or not children are intelligent. Maybe we can come up with a solution or any alternative and if we ask twice all we get is “just sleep” or “don’t bother me”. So when I become a parent, I promise, my children are going to know some family stuff if not whole.
  • Behave child, just behave: no matter how much we behave but the more is always less. When it comes to behaving we have clear prospective of not shouting but playing energetically. But who can teach parents that playing for us is a complete harmony between our body and our jumps and our vocal cord. Whenever we play either we are sent out or just have to go through the lecture that our parents used to play on silence mode, like seriously we are children not some naïve stuffed robot we know no one can play without making sound if you are winning you gotta cheer and if you are losing in game man, you gotta shout.
  • Why don’t make her your friend: bullies bullies everywhere and sometimes parents make them our friend. Remember that double sized fatso that always wanted to come to your home for just your chocolates and games? We do have rules of not hurting any other child till he does not eat my chocolates and doesn’t ruin the shape of my stuffed dino. But parents just don’t take this seriously until, un till it comes to parent to parent thing, everything is fine and we are acting childish but as soon as their ego is hurt we become nice and true until then we really have to save our stuffed dino, hide our chocolates and cover our video games because its real world and we know even if we didn’t break it, it’s our stuff at danger. So I swear I would never ask my child to share their stuff and games till they know it’s safe and never allow bullies in my house.

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