An open letter to Future Boyfriend !

WARNING: This article is only for carefree people, Judegements are not allowed. It is written purely  for entertainment.

Dear future boyfriend,

I don’t even know whether you exist or not, but if you do, there are certain things that you need to know before you convince yourself to fall in love with me.

First of all, let me tell you I’m a complete mess.

Once you come into this web, freeing yourself would be tough. Because you see, once I get attached to someone I’ll do everything possible to make them stay. So if you’re looking for a fling…it was nice meeting you.

boy friend

I have heard that a girl’s laugh attracts guys the most. Well in my case, mine would probably make you run away. So if you’re really funny, I’m sorry but be prepared to have some embarrassment whenever we are in public. I’m an adult and I still watch Doraemon  and Shinchan. And let me warn you this isn’t going to stop ever. Not even when I’m the 50s.

I am very Foodie person.

So if you want to impress me, then surprise me with  FOOD. Roses, Cards and teddy will not work in my case. Food equals Life to me. And it will be a disaster if you see me eating Food like hungry-hulk( Bhukkad in hindi).

I love silence. So whenever I’m down and you can’t figure out what to say, just come and sit beside me. Hear me talking and once I’m done, hug me and never leave. Call me a crybaby or whatever but for me, tears are my best friend. As a child, I usedè to cry because I used to like the taste of the tears. Now I cry girl friendbecause I don’t like the taste of my life.

I won’t gift you expensive stuff very often but believe me, you’ll have to buy a separate cupboard just for the handmade gifts that I will give you. Because I cherish efforts. I’ll cook you food. I’ll learn a song and play it on guitar in a cafe for you. I’ll paint a sketch that’ll remind you of us. I’ll make a collage of us and keep sending you when I’m bored. I’ll write poems for you and make you listen to them while we sit on the rooftop at 3 am with a cup of coffee.

I’ll make jokes and laugh at them myself because no one else would. And when after all this you’ll smile and kiss my forehead. I’ll just brag around my friends that I’m the best girlfriend ever.

So if you think that you’ll be able to handle this, believe me, you’ll be surprised. Because a person with lot of dreams and hopes never regrets. And if not then, there are miles to go before you sleep.

Yours? Maybe.


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