Online Shoping

As a Personal Shopper for associated with an online portal helping clients to buy clothes from various online sites

Online shopping saves “TIME” and “MONEY

For me the below image sums up the definition of Online Shopping

So lets shower some love to ourself and let me give you some tips and tricks which I generally use for my clients when I’m shopping ONLINE

Rule No 1 : Personal Stylist/ Shopper

Opt for the sites which gives you an option to shop along with their in-store personal stylist which will assist you and guide you with the variety available on the portal. We get free advise from the professional itself. Its like you consult your cosmetologist for the best treatment suiting ur needs, it’s a similarly a stylist job is to match your needs. We can always ask for a second opinion when in doubt.

Rule No 2: Compare

I follow the rule of, “The more you save, the more you can shop”. Try and find if the same product which you like is it available on some other website, I have usually found that the product of a particular brand is available at a discounted rate on other websites then theirs. E.g. If you like a top of brand FABALLEY then there are chances that the very same top will be available on Jabong or Myntra at a discounted price.

So keep comparing and be aware of various sites which sell products individually on Instagram, Facebook, and other social portals.

Rule No 3: Deals & Discount

The first thing I do when my client asks for a particular product I jump to the Big Discount, Sale, Last piece, etc section of the website and check the options available. Second is the new arrival and so forth. Be it a handbag, blouses, or shoes you never know what to your surprise you could find your product in a cheaper deal price. Majority of the sites which have year round discounts always has some or the other product to surprise us with.

Rule No 4: Details

 The most importantrule of all is to check on the details of the clothing. It is very natural for us to become impulsive and jump on placing the order if we like a particular product without giving much attention to details.

A quick check list you must do e.g. imagine how will the product look on you, what kind of material it is, is it too thick or transparent, climate-friendly, will it fit and will it suit your body type, the occasion you can wear, it is easy to team up with your existing wardrobe, etc.

Rule No 5: Return Policy

 If you are going for COD please make sure how your money would be refunded if you dislike the product, so I came across a website where my client had opted for COD and made a refund of which the cash went to her account as credit which she can deduct or be transferred to your bank account.

Also check for the charges if any if you refund there is a difference between EASY RETURN and FREE-RETURN

Some discount products are non-refundable hence make sure of the terms and conditions

BY using the tricks now my fellow shoppers lets go for some shopping and make the most use of it

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