Do not commit this sin Women!

Recently I came across JLop’s pop song “I ain’t your mama”! It reminded me, how we clutter our lives with pleasing everyone! Today we females are leading our life in all areas. But we are so occupied in lifting others up that we forget to lift ourselves! We commit the sin, of excess introspection. We also commit the sin of not saying the word NO, and this is a crime! So here’s a list for every woman out there to check every box to make sure you do not commit the sin of forgetting yourself!

1. Put yourself first in your To-Do list: Yes you read that right. Add any task which increases your happiness index. Be it playing any sport, going to a concert or just killing time by being a couch potato. HAPPINESS increases your immunity, thus raising your level of confidence. Would you not want to be there for others more charged up?

2. Don’t beat yourself up.You are NOT selfish!

Taking care of yourself is not something to feel guilty about. You are not being selfish, but you are being smart. Self-care adds to your own wellness. So if you have a cold, and cannot cook your family’s favourite meal after their tiring day, it is OKAY! There’s nothing to prove there.

3. Connection

Allow yourself to breathe fresh air, connect with nature. Walk through the woods, listen to the chirping of birds, and connect with your inner soul. The connection you build with YOURSELF is the strongest one. If that is not strong, there won’t be enough strength to build it with others.

 4. Don’t forget about your mental health: 
Read. Read and read. Don’t forget to train your brain through reading. Stay updated with everything. Read something that INSPIRES you. Roll over, and enter your world of imagination!! 

5.  Be brave
If you are stretching yourself beyond you can, home or work, take a leap! If you are not happy with what you are doing, just take a pause. Be brave, and do what you want to and not what you are expected to do!


You are amazing when you love yourself the most, and it will bring out such a better side of you! Try it gals. What have you got to lose anyway? We are indeed the generation now!

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