Neha Prabir Patel – A dynamic Socialpreneur


An NRI with a vision to take India on top of sports talent and cleanliness, and a mission of making Vadodara the cleanest city of Gujarat by 2017.

By qualification she is an IT Graduate from Australia, by profession she is involved in many activities namely;

  • Chairperson of Vibrant Sports Development Association – Gujarat
  • Joint Secretary for Badminton at the Gaekwad Baroda Golf Club
  • Member of “Cleanest City Vadodara”
  • Member of “Resolution – A Better Vadodara”
  • Co-chair for Project Swacch Bharat at Young Indians (YI) (TCW) team contacted her to feature her on our portal, so as to inspire other women readers.

Part 1: Neha’s early life and making of Vibrant Sports Development Association, Gujarat.

Neha is having various sides to her.

A perfect mother, excellent house maker, sports is in her blood and mind, a serial social-preneur (this word is invented by TCW afte10616697_10154718480215386_8132453774583814755_nr meeting her). All versions of Neha are interesting and a story in itself.

We can write an entire book on Neha but we will try to cover up in 2 episodes somehow.

Born and brought up in Kenya, had her education at Mussoorie International School. From the age of 9, she spent all her formative years in Mussoorie International School. She completed her university degree in Australia.

TCW asks, Neha how did you manage to be on the Board of so many organisations?

Neha: with a broad smile on her face – “It was not planned. It all started with an incident at the Vadodara Open Badminton Tournament I witnessed in 2014.

I was shocked by the poor arrangements and neglect of players. The same day I decided to create an association for sports in Vadodara and so we launched Vibrant Sports Development Association, (VSDA) Gujarat, in August 2014.

Our first step was to organise a tournament to show the authorities how well things can be managed and sports persons taken care of. This tournament was witnessed and appreciated by senior government officials and political personalities.

To mention over here, with Neha’s initiatives, aggression and continuous efforts, VSDA has become a leading sports association in Gujarat. .

TCW : How do you promote sports through VSDA?1507924_10154756485710386_8574347923523411201_n

  • Spotting young talent and promoting them (we also arrange sponsorship for financially challenged players)
  • Arranging tournaments across Gujarat with excellent management and organization
  • Encouraging young generation to get involved in different sports
  • Continuous encouragement to young talents to focus on their sporting skills

TCW : How do you see sports in India in coming years?

Neha : I am very confident that in the coming years India will be competing with top tier athletes the world over and we will have exceptional talent mushrooming in various parts of India.

Neha Quotes:

“If you need change in society, don’t complain but act. Start and the people will follow you. Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart and the world will recognise and support you.”

 Our next part on Neha will cover her social-preneur version and how she balances her home life, children and work. 

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