Navgatha – Navigating Skills…Ray Of Hope!

An independent body working for a social cause might not be a new thing you hear about. What might interest you is the idea of its origin. Navgatha, a ray of hope and support system to many, is an organization with beautiful mission and vision. Neha Saini, a young, determined, golden heart is the founder of Navgatha- Navigating Skills.  Wonder what makes me say so? Being a social entrepreneur was always on her mind. And to chase this dream of hers, she dropped her fancy healthcare career, something which every young mind dreams of. The journey was tuff, and so were the spirits of Neha. We got to speak with this young high spirited lady, and here’s what she had to say about her baby Navgatha and herself.

Navgatha: The Story Of Its Birth

It was when she was as young as a college going girl, when she learnt that a close friend of hers had lost her husband. Abandoned by her husband’s family, she was only left with little hopes and a month old baby. Neha was shaken with the incident and this motivated her to work for the womankind. And that’s how Navgatha was born.

Navgatha: Family Not By Blood, But By Hearts

Navgatha houses people from across all parts of nation. Men and women from different parts worktogether to produce beautiful handicrafts like handmade paper diaries, photo frames, coasters by seed paper, paper bags, boxes, envelopes and so much more! Artists below poverty line are specially given opportunities to showcase their talents and be the breadwinner for their families. Navgatha has many award winning madhubani and warli artists to produce unmatchable artefacts for you. “Navgatha was born to give wings to undiscovered artists”, says Neha. And we believe the mission of the body is getting satisfied completely.

USP Of Navgatha

Wondering how is Navgatha different from the rest of its kind? “It’s the high grade quality it offers at much affordable prices”, says Neha. “At Navgatha we have the best artists from places like Bihar, Delhi, Gujrat etc. We have no work station as such, but our artists have the comfort of working in their homes individually. It makes me travel a lot, but as long as my artists and customers are satisfied with the process and produces, I am satisfied too”, she adds.

NavgathaHonestly, we were so much awe-spired while talking to her. Neha Saini is a passionate soul who loves to travel and meet new people. No wonder she hunts the best artists from across the nation. She is an optimistic person and believes it was only that which made her come long way in the journey. She has something to say to you too and here it is: “Follow your heart and chase your dreams. Live life on your conditions so that you don’t hold any regrets at the end. If you believe, it will happen.

Neha loves to hear feedbacks and ideas. Follow the link here Navgatha and drop her feedback.

Every entrepreneur has a different story and this story of such a young social entrepreneur has motivated many souls to believe in themselves. Such stories are ray of hope in the world where humans have forgotten what humanity is! And Navgatha it is, a ray of hope!


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