Movie Review- Yashodha (Special Screening)

Hello, lovely people, I am back this time with yet another movie review, Since childhood, I have been a big movie buff, and so are most of us! We Indians celebrate movies; We live with the character, we cry when they shed their tears, laugh (more than them) when they giggle, We boogie with them on the hit numbers and most essentially, “ WE THINK “

The smart audience of today enjoys an intelligent cinema, something which makes them think, accept or relive. Gone are times when a hero and heroine would dance around trees singing songs with an Amir-Garib drama storyline. Today, viewers appreciate mature cinema. Movie Making is an ART as we know it and the artist for this season is MR. Devdas Menon.(Take a Bow)

Mr.Menon is real time director/writer who believes in exploring new subjects. His Latest Gujarati Movie Yashodha : Celebrating Motherhood, is an example of same. Devised in 2012 the movie got its way through the censor
and finally released on the 1st of September 2017. It is a thoughtfully conceived woman centric drama based on the sensitive subject of surrogacy.

Is the regional audience ready for it? Well, Yes they are! It was great to see senior citizens applauding and praising the makers & cast at its screening, Why? The subject has been handled with utmost care. It asks for our sympathy while nothing is left to imagine.

“Yashodha “ is a mature clean cinema with no nonsense around and still able to hit the notes aptly.

Storyline : A couple based in Surat who opt for surrogacy, turmoil in relationships and motherly instinct.
Star Cast & performance: The protagonist ( Geetika ) who in real life hails from Kathiyawad and has studied in the US, has a sense of connect with the audience in reel life. She looks comfortable on screen with a decent dialogue delivery skills. She tries to achieve a sympathetic tone, cheeky voice with a medium pitch. She keeps up with the pace of script. In one of the important scenes, where she wants to step back but still holds on to the commitment for the surrogate mother, she plays safe with a look down, erect posture, stretched shoulders without leaning which marks her as a convincing actress.

The male protagonist has nothing much on his plate, his character becomes monotonous after a while. Supporting
actors have played their part well. Dr. Parul ( The gynecologist) has a fineness and walks away with brownie points.

The effort is visible . My praises for the director to take an initiative and bring to light this sensitive topic, and to let people understand the actual essence of Surrogacy.


In pic Team of the Movie @ Special

Screening Ahmedabad.
From left ( Co producer, Director Mr. D
Menon, Lyrics & Dialogue writer, Mukta art
representative, Priyanka V, Maitry & Preeti)

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