Mother: The Gift Of God.

Her heart was pounding with happiness. It was that time if the year again when her kids were coming home. They had grown big enough in the outside world, but for her , they’ll always be the kids who would even today fight for the stuffed parathas made by their mother.

“Diwali is around the corner and there is so much left to do” she kept mumbling to herself while cleaning the cupboards of her children’s room”. As she opened the cupboard, emerged old dusty books of her boys, which she had treasured like real pearls.

As she turned the pages of the books with her wrinkled fingers, she spoke to her husband who was sitting in the same room taking the daily dose of news from the hindi newspaper “dear, do you remember the first day of Piyush’s school. He was so small and so adamant to walk to the classroom. He had almost choked my neck with his tiny arms surrounding!” And saying that she and her husband laughed and smiled at how beautiful those days were.

They were challenging in their own manner but, beautiful! After all, it was not easy to manage the work and home well.” But she had redefined “perfection” by doing everything at par.

The doorbell rang and she jumped up with anticipation of her children coming and managed to get into the slippers to rush to open the door.

No matter how big they had grown but her open arms always had enough room to hug them both together. Her home felt alive again for her children had come!

Piyush and Prashant made their mom sit on the sofa and handed over to her the gifts they had brought for her. A mobile which would enable video chatting with their sons whenever she wanted. She gripped it well for it had become her prized possession! “Maa, parathas please, we’re hungry!” came the unanimous voices of boys.

Her heart filled with pride for how beautifully she had raised her children. Her fledglings had now grown up and flown high but they still knew the route back to the nest. And that was the real gift she always wanted!

She was a proud mother and she’ll always be!


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