Momentum of Natural Rhythm


The idea of nature being feminine is archaic. It can be traced back to Gaia of Greek myth. Gaia is known to be the first ‘Mother Nature’ figure and a Primordial Goddess. Algonquian legend said that “beneath the clouds lives the Earth-Mother from whom is derived the Water of Life, who at her bosom feeds plants, animals and human” who is also knows to be Nokomis which means Grandmother. Pachamama in Inca mythology is the goddess of fertility who is an epitome of planting and harvesting.  The meaning or translation of Pachamama is ‘mother earth’.

 Nature and feminism – The parallels

Nature has always been personified as feminine due to its gentle and warmly qualities. As mother is known to be the life stimulator, similarly it’s the nature which affirms our survival. It feeds us,  nurtures us and shields us in the same way as a mother does with her children. It provides us everything which is essential for our survival. Selflessness is known to be a feminine quality. There can be many parallels drawn between nature and feminism. Both can carry and harbour life. The delicacy, truthfulness, adaptability, submission and selflessness are known to be feminine qualities.

The word ‘nature’ comes from a Latin word ‘nature’ which means ‘birth’. Natura”, and the personification of Mother Nature, was very popular in the Middle Ages. Creation of life cycle has always been attributed to females and it’s sustenance, to nature. As a mother carries a child in her lap and protects it from all the external dangers, nature carries all the living beings, fosters them and protects them under itself. The feminine energy is known to be the epitome of warmth, love and kindness which is also bestowed upon us by nature.

 The presence of DEVI in us

It is often said that there are 36 elements present inside us among which the first one is Earth which is known to be the most gross and the last one Shiva tattva which is also the most refined and elusive  of all. It is also said that there is the presence of Devi in us since the last element, Shiva tattva has Devi in it’s essence. The experience of deep peace, satisfaction, contentment, brightness, cheerfulness, merriment  and gaiety are all reflections and echoes of Devi in us.

One may easily say that from Greek culture to Latin, even Hinduism, nature is prayed and respected in every form and every way. Whether it enhances us from with in or nurtures us from outside, nature is key to our survival and this is the reason why Mother has always been the perfect metaphor for nature.

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