Being Mom- A Dedication to F.R.I.E.N.D.S

    friendsF.r.i.e.n.d.s is a popular romcom American television show that was aired from 1994 till the year 2004. Back then, it of course was a big deal loved by many; but surprisingly, the generation of today has brought back friends into our lives with the constant posts and re-posts of the show all over social media. The show which lasted 10 seasons, had 6 main characters, all one of a kind- Joey, Chandler, Ross, Monica, Rachel and Phoebe! In fact, Chandler’s most liked characteristic was sarcasm, which is now a separate page for posts! I am sure, each of you have definitely heard about the show, through news, media, facebook or television. As a matter of fact, it is still aired on television owing to the sudden rise in fame. Even the actors of the show cannot believe the fact that they are so liked by the youth of today along with the people who were their fans from 94 to 2004!

As a fanatic fan of the show myself, I have seen every season umpteen number of times, for some of us the show is like a ritual, if you’re upset, cheer-up with friends; you’re very happy, share it with friends; you’re sick, treat yourself with friends; you’re alone, spend time with friends! Even though the light-hearted show revolves around romance, comedy and the bond between these six friends, it has many hidden messages if you really connect with it, and I found the most meaningful one being, the three women becoming moms!

Phoebe, Rachel and Monica, all three of them were given the privilege to become moms on the show; but if you observe closely, the three of them became moms in three different ways sending out strong messages to women about having babies!

The first on the show was Phoebe, played by Lisa Kudrow, gave birth to triplets but as a surrogate. Even though she did not get to keep the babies, she goes through with this generous sacrifice for her younger brother and his very old wife. They ask her of this favour, and even though she knew how hard it would be, she agreed because she knew it would mean them everything! Such is the strength we need to show and shun away the dumbness of the society’s thoughts! If you are a woman in need of a baby and are in consideration of surrogacy and if the only thing holding you back is the famous question-‘what will people say?’ then you really are doing no good to yourself! If that’s the way that suits you best, it’s a free country! And if that is what you do or did, kudos! You’re brave!  

  Second in line was Jenifer Aniston who played the role of Rachel. The fashion girl who cried for every little thing for being so sensitive, was also successful enough in sending out a strong message, that single moms are no less! I am aware of the fact that in India, a child out of a wed-lock is illegal, but if you have a child and are now separated from your husband for any reason, then you don’t have to think of yourself as any less. If we daughters are capable enough of being a son to our parents, then I am dead sure we are also capable of being our child’s mother and father, both! Be it because of a divorce, irresponsibility or a sad demise, don’t involve in any self-pity. Rachel had the option of marrying two men when she gave birth to Emma, Ross and Joey! In a weak moment she wanted to get married too, but then, with the help of her friends ( which I am sure all the single moms reading this also have), she did a very good job!   friends

Last but not the least was Monica whose role was played by Courtney Cox, who was already famous when friends started! Monica was married to Chandler, and in the 10th and last season they decided to have a child but unfortunately, Monica who had been depicted crazy about babies since the beginning of the time of friends, was unable to conceive. In spite of having so many options, and instead of giving up, they decided to adopt a baby and give a homeless or an unwanted a home full of warmth and of course uncles and aunts! I guess it is for this noble thought that the character of Monica was gifted with twins, at the birth of whom, this epic saga of Friends ended! If you are facing such unfortunate issues, and are again confused about it not being your gene; give the fact a thought that we are now in the 21st century, and that nobleness and care, for any child is what makes you a good person in this kalyug! It is being a mom that is important, and if that instinct is in you; then you surely can give as much love to an adopted innocent child as much as you would love your own!   friends

 As difficult as any of the above sounds, please don’t let the society come in the way of your motherhood! Take a message from the show. After ten years of airing, the show left me with three inspiring stories of three strong moms! I’m sure, now you’re inspired too!

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