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My beautiful women,

TIME FLIES! TIME IS MONEY – We hear it and feel it many times! We were waiting for 2015 so eagerly and the first quarter is almost gone! Have you ever got feeling that your time is being wasted? I feel it so often, and I hate that feeling. Have you ever thought that even 5 minutes of your day are so precious!

You wake up in the morning; start your day with your monotonous routine. Kitchen work- check, HouID-10049503sehold chores- check, catching up with the daily updates- check, and then there is always your bf, husband or kids or parents or friends. Years just pass you by and you are stuck in the same rut. Have you ever thought what’s your accomplishment so far!? Feelings of leaving something unfinished….

You always think about tomorrow, you don’t live in present moment. Just think that if you are always living in imagination of tomorrow, what happens to the present moment you’re living in?

Life is a collection of the moments called NOW.

Have a new goal for everyday. Do something new every day. Goals that will give you feeling of achieviID-100205507ng something and properly utilizing your day no matter how small your goals are. Don’t think much about what can happen in a month or year, just focus on the 24 hours in front of you and plan your day. Whenever you will look back you will understand and you will appreciate yourself for being so creative and productive.

ID-10089529Spend time for your personal improvement and individual growth. Analyse yourself.

  • Are you a better personality now than what you were last year?
  • Do you have better thoughts?
  • Have you become more patient, tolerant and understanding than what you were last year?
  • Have you gained a new hobby, a new passion a new joi de vivre?

Don’t SPEND the time, USE it….you will soon know how much worth it really is.

And lastly, I am finishing with the quote I read somewhere “time is free but it’s priceless, you can’t own it but you can use it, you can’t keep it but you can spend it once you have lost it you will never get it back”

You will never be able to get the same time which is already gone; so Value it, Use every moment of your life in a best possible way.

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