“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

Love is too profound a subject to be written on and has inspired great art and poetry. It is the fundamental need of every human being and can be as intriguing and as simple as we make it for ourselves.

Love that flows from self completion does not seek but gives resulting from an overflow. A person who is capable of truly loving anybody else is primary a person who loves himself. The concept of completion is beautifully explained in Hindu mythology explaining the concept of Shiv and Shakti which symbolize the masculine and feminine energies complementing each other. The form of Ardhanarishvara is the half male (Shiv) and half female (Shakti) form in unison and complementing each other. The realization and harmonious balance of both these aspects within a human being lead to realization of complete human potential. This human state when achieved is not seeking but giving which is intrinsic to the awareness. Giving from that state comes naturally and affects all that surrounds such an individual.Self awareness leads to the understanding of the underlying unity of the entire creation enabling us to respect and revere the space of every aspect of creation .This is how I perceive the unconditional love within my limited perception.

At a more tangible level, the great stories of love leave us wondering of that ultimate love which we seem to lack!! We all desire that ultimate love and face disappointments in our relationships when we compare it to that eternal love!! Is it not fascinating that great love stories are made of unrequited love?

Let us first ask a relevant question…… “Am I capable to give another human unconditional love?”  Expecting respect and love, without any material benefits, from a child for whom we have done everything possible, is still an expectation. So as I see there is some expectation in personal love. Love without responsibility is incomplete and expectation is natural. Friendship remains the most important ingredient of  love, be it with family, lovers or friends.

Love grows if we give it wings, space and deep roots. Paradoxally love holds by setting one free . It is natural to face disappointments in love as each of us act according to our level of consciousness. There may be persons who disappoint us but that is fine, the universe is too big to cling. If we are not valued and the relationship seems a burden, learn to move on. Letting go maybe the growth opportunity required by the other to propel to a higher meaning of love and leave us with some valuable lessons. Pain in love is like purifying fire and should not deter us from forming new associations. Change is natural to the universe and as we grow so does our understanding of love.  Our growth may result in out growing relationships or redefining the platform of interaction in certain relationships. Such changes should be welcomed and we as individuals need to be open to new bonds which could be more fulfilling and meaningful.At times moving on helps us in realising our worth !!

We as individuals have our personal definitions of love and if someone does not love us according to our definition it does not essentially mean that the person does not love us. Our love should be able to accommodate that. Different people touch and evoke different levels of depth and relatedness. Love is not always about the other, it could also be what we evoke in an individual.

All relationships have to be worked on. Anything precious has to be handled with extreme care and continuous effort is required for its upkeep. Love has to transcend into actions where we are conscious of the “We” beyond the “I”.

Harmony within us will be represented in the relationships that we value. It is important to note that we have to grow to be worthy of what we are seeking. Similarly persons deserving our love remain in our lives, rest depart as teachers, leaving us with valuable lessons. Lost relationships should leave no traces of resentment as they contribute to our growth.


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