Love your Skin – Part 1

The foundation to a great looking visage is having great skin. Today we talk about some skin care basics. Beautiful, supple, clear skin is just a few words away!

Hydrate your skinID-10054853

Heard it a million times before and hear it again! Dehydration will make your skin dull and lifeless. It’s most important to hydrate your skin all the day. Drink loads of water, fresh juices and green tea.

ID-100274188Have a well balanced diet

Try to stay away from junk food. A healthy diet can help you look and feel your best. Add lots of fresh fruits, green vegetables and whole grains in your diet. Antioxidant present in them will help for skin rejuvenation.

CTM- Cleanse, Tone, Moisturise

CTM is the key to a supple and healthy complexion. Cleanse your face, Pat on moisturiser immediately after washing your face with good cleanser. If you have oily skin, look for an oil free formula moisturiser that nourishes without causing breakouts.



It improves blood circulation in the body and imparts a healthy glow by flushing out our skin toxin. Spend at least 30 minutes for daily workout.


Ex-foliation is such an important step in skin care routine and often overlooked.  Best way to ex-foliate is after taking hot steam for few minutes. This removes dead skin cells, grime and improves your skin texture.


It is must to protect your skin in any season. Be it winter, summer or monsoon. Sunscreen prevents premature ageing, dullness, pigmentation and tanning. So never forget to apply sunscreen before stepping out of your home.

Be a Sleeping beauty

Like bID-100238584ody, our skin needs some rest too and an average of 7 hours of sleep is recommended by dermatologists. Also, going to bed with makeup is a crime! Remove all traces of make up before you go to bed. Apply good night serum or quality night cream that suits the best to your skin type.

Hands off!!

Our hands are a breeding ground for germs and bacteria and touching our face transfers these germs there and well you get the picture. Use hand sanitizer as often as possible before touching the face.


Quit those addictions!

Smoking, drinking, binge eating, too much intake of oil, it all makes your skin look older and contributes to wrinkles. Quit these habits to get a younger looking skin.

Stay Happy


Be positive towards the life, Wear a confident smile on your face. When you are happy your skin glows and it shows!! 🙂

Be Radiant, Shine on!

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