The Love Victim- A book Worth a Read

Being an ardent book reader, I came across a new age fiction novel called – The Love Victim! Written by first time author Rajesh Kumar, and with the credit of first time editor Hemali Adhiya, the book aims at taking us through the various ways we are victimised in our society in our various relationships!

The book is an attempt to pass on several strong messages, the message of how we should not be judgemental or come in the way of people’s love stories; they should all be left to face their own music and coming in the way of people’s love is a life-long risk; that being said, it is worse when stand in the way of lover’s on the basis of castes or religions. Another strong message the book conveys is of how, even in the 21st century women are still considered inferior than the team of men who feel that the best way to exercise power is to exercise it on women, who they know at some point, due to integrity will have to give in to them.

The story is based on Nishkarsh, a hard working struggler in awe of finding himself a government job, as is expected by his family. After several years of failures he is finally able to grab himself a respectable job in a huge government company. His job and his love story both begin simultaneously which begins with meeting hi love, Barkha for the first time on the way to his work destination. Luck strikes on them and they are hit by cupids arrow and they meet again, and again until they fall in love.

Until this part all is well and romantic, but soon when their relationship is serious and in the air, it is blackened to dust with the rejection of Nishkarsh’s family on the basis of caste. After many evenings and nights spent in convincing his parents, he hits the state of frustration, not able to withstand being sandwiched by the pressures on both sides, he ends his relationship with Barkha and agrees to succumb to a marriage to a girl his family has decided.

This changes everything; from here on, you keep expecting the unpredictable. The book takes you through a series of emotions starting from failure, romance, love, heart breaks, depression, psychological disturbances, legalities, etc! Every time you turn a page, you are turning into a new twist with a whole new emotion.

The novel has been written in simple language which agrees with the common public, and hence it makes it easier for the reader to connect. The author has brought out the best of his creativity in this fiction novel meaning to say he is here to stay. The book has been well edited with expressing the words in appropriate amount. Although I might add that the length of the story can be shortened and the language can be elevated further.

It is a serious read, and it boggles you mind until you finally decide to complete it at one go. The scenic descriptions are elaborate. Don’t let the title page, or the name of the novel fool you into believing that it is just a normal love story which always ends with two lovers coming together, because some stories can end with bring a lot of people together. It might be noticed at this point that after a point even the other woman character, Navya takes up good lead to prove the worth of a husband and to prove that women are no less than any men.

Starting from love to hatred, crime and investigations, family and drama, this novel covers it all! Considering it is from first timers, the book deserves an applaud! If you are a book fan, then you must give it a read! It shall definitely pass on a lot, and push you to do the right, and feel the right!

I found another reviewer, Archit who reviewed this book, here’s what he had to say:-

“An entertaining and engaging read it was!

The Love Victim is not the book you get to see every other day!

It had everything an amusing book should have. A brilliant start to a brilliant story indeed. When you come to the end, you are no longer the person you were before. So much has changed. Inside you. Around you. The Love Victim proves its worth. A milestone in the sea of books about love. I’m pretty impressed that the author came across with such idea.Not only the book was unique, but also educational for people who blindly love the other person. Not that loving someone is wrong, but one should have their brains in their head. The Love Victim exactly tells you that.

This book would be my suggestion to anyone looking for a pure engrossing book with a lot of drama.”

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