Love Thy Inner Beauty

“Beauty truth, truth beauty” a famous quote by William Shakespeare!    inner beauty  

It accurately defines an ideal world. Do we have one? All the beautiful girls and boys are attracted by the materialistic ways of looking good. Some call it “Nose job”, “Lips job” and very funny “Boob job” too. Wish there were ways to rectify a person’s physical challenge that obstructs a normal way of life. You wouldn’t find many but for beauty sake, there are ample of them.

Most of the actresses go for this type of fancy sculpting of body in order to look perfect. What actually is perfect? A girl with big boobs over small, a girl with fuller lips over less fuller, a girl with a bigger butt than a girl with smaller butt? What is perfection? Anything big and large is perfect I guess.

Some people have also got the face sculpted like Barbie dolls. Height of desperation! People who get this done have money and with this riches, everything is possible.

You have seen people being transformed to a more beautiful person but have you heard or seen of a person’s plastic surgery gone wrong? Yes, there are a number of them whose purpose wasn’t fulfilled. As a result, the surgeon had to go through legal procedure. Poor surgeon! Poor victim! In this case, both are victims.

When you have beauty, people know that. I don’t think people are so dumb to check someone’s beauty traits with their looks. If that is so, we are living in a fake world with fake organs.

The procedure involves a lot of patience and money. If you have both, you can be in the same race to get fake and famous. Run the other way round if you don’t want to use plastic on your body part. Love your body the way you have been born. You can see the world, you can talk, you can run, you can dance. When you are able to do all the important movements, how can one call you ugly? You are beautiful from the core. You should love yourself. If you don’t, you can’t expect someone else to love you.

Do you like the first smile of your partner with make up on early in the morning? Or do you like it fresh with no mascara, no lip gloss or lip balm? How do you like it? It is the natural look and effect that people love. Let people love you for who you are. Don’t give anyone the power to love you for that you are not.

Do you throw away the old doll that your parents gifted you when you were a child? Do you not love your mom or dad because they have wrinkles now? You very well know the answer. Change your attitude towards life. Make your beautiful with your deeds and not just make up. Of course you have the right to look beautiful but without harming your body by any means.

I have a big scar on my cheek. I still am married after being rejected by 10 odd guys. That is their loss because the person who has me now say “I am the most beautiful woman” for him. He is the perfect man for me with perfect love and perfect emotions. Now that is love with your soul not body.

Love your body more than you love your beauty.

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