are you into long distance relationship?

Long distance relationship, is one of the most difficult of its kind! You are stuck in the choice between love and wants and there never can be an easy way out of it. It is all a wait game wherein you wait for either one of you to move or await the wedding bells to ring. It is extremely hard; long distance relationship problems starts when you need your partner but due to being away the timings don’t match and there never will be a way to find a solution out of this! But then like they say, man proposes and God disposes. Nothing can ever take place before time, and only when the time is right will things be okay!

I find that somewhat it is harder for the women to be in a long distance relationship because women’s emotional needs are higher than the men and they we are many times in that emotional moment when we want to be held but your boyfriend may be away looking after himself  and will not answer. Who is to blame ? One does feel hungry, one needs to look after his own self and one does feel cranky ! There is no right or wrong, but there is also no doubt that sometimes we tend to take the other one for granted knowing that the long distance can be used as an excuse !

long distance relationships problems

Nonetheless, there definitely are a few ways that you can adapt to, to make the relationship stronger with the distance and less boring! Some men, no matter how strong or loving, fail at Long distance relationship; it becomes the actually stronger one i.e. the women to take the lead and make sure things remain stable until that divine day!


1) Trust : Do not agree to get into an long distance relationships if there is not enough trust between the two of you. I do not mean trust only with reference to infidelity, but also all other aspect needed that makes you happy. The trust that he equally wants to be with you as much as you do, the trust that he will make time for you for some moments a day no matter what, the trust that if in need, he will take time out of his busy schedule to make sure you are okay! Anything that makes you feel sure that the efforts will be reciprocated, equals to the trust! If you feel confident enough that even through a rough patch, things will work out and he will play an equal part in fixing things.

2) Clear Communication : It is very easy to get into misunderstandings when people are apart. We tend to even judge the tone of a message and turn around the words that best long distance relationshipssuit to annoy us. Men are usually easy to be pissed off, and we do not want that on top of all the distance. Pick a good time, when both of you are in leisure, and then say it with love, the things that disturb you. It is important that what you feel is out in the open and vice-versa. Keeping things welled up inside will lead to unnecessary arguments in the future when we tend to direct our frustration to baseless issues!

3) Love should Prevail : It is hard when you do not get to meet that often. All that happens then is discussion about how the day was spent and what the plans are for the next day. Even though it is healthy to keep the partner involved in the work that you are doing, it is equally important that you take time out to make video calls to one another at least once a week! Slip in some romance here and there. Talk about the memories you have with each other and also about the future you wish to see with one another. The situation that you are in, will lead you to believe that you are more of a timetable and the relation is more like an agreement; but it is in your hands to not let yourself feel like that. Keep the romance alive with slipping in some of your dreams and fantasies and make sure you do it at the right time.


4) Accept that he might not be there for you : The timings and situations will always be different. While you might sit there contemplating how he could not call you when you are crying, he might just be there trying to find a way out of his work stress. Timings might hardly match and things will go out of hand many a times. Understand, in most situations there will be no one to blame. So in this phase, you have to be extremely independent and strong. You will have to learn to deal with things yourself, and if anything, he will just be prouder of you that you dealt with things yourself. So, pull up your socks girl, you have to do this by yourself.

long distance relationships

5) Always look beautiful : I do not mean for you to stay decked up and be loaded with make up all the time. But, for men to remain interested it is important that you take care of your own self and keep sending him your pictures for him to continue to remember the catch that he has got. Moreover, it will keep the excitement alive for the time when you would actually plan to meet one another!

It is tough, but not impossible. Beyond everything, learn to be patient and also learn to let go. It might not be easy to get him down for a discussion and it might not be important. Go old school and live with the belief that when you are together things will be much better; until then you are indeed the glue sticking the two of you together, so let only the fact that you love him be what drags you ahead!

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