Live A Break Free Day You Ladies

We live in a country where our bloods gush with bollywood. Every other week, we have one such movie with their power-packed romance in locations where most common people do not even imagine being in. Apart from drilling a hole in our pockets, movies are also successful in leaving so many woman singing to the tunes of the romantic songs waiting for their prince charming on a white horse! Surprisingly, no matter how tall we stand today in the competitive world, our hearts are still sublime in anticipation of blushing at the one perfect date where everything is filmy! And I choose to stand for all such beauties, only the direction of the expectation needs to be diverted.

Have you ever thought about the fact that, we are so complete within ourselves, that even though we do need a partner in life, sometimes, some expectations can be brought to life by ourselves. And so I urge, that every woman should go on a date with herself at least once in two months if not any more. And I call such a date-‘ Break-free‘ .

Break-free is just like any other date. It begins with waking up with a smile knowing you are not going to work that day. (Who would not like a day off from work ?) A long shower after your daily workout without the worry of punching in five minutes at work follows. We always end up buying new clothes for our days, wanting to look the best for our men, and why shouldn’t we? But it is even more remarkable to dress in what you love to see yourself in,  be it a breathtaking one piece or just your shorts and a sweatshirt! It is your day and you should make sure to wear whatever you feel best to let your hair down that day! 12

Book yourself a movie ticket(preferably animated), believe me, once in a while, watching a movie alone with no one to share your popcorn with is immense happiness! It will either let you connect with the movie better, or it will let you drown in your own thoughts in peace. Usher yourself to a lunch full of calories as the main course of your day.( Go for pizza… go for pizza!) This is the day you’re not allowed to watch your weight, it’s your day, remember?

Walk around in a mall, and window shop. If you got the extra bucks, get in and shop. You don’t need someone telling you what looks good on you all the time. Go with your first instinct, and voila! You will be beauty personified ! Hold on to your shopping bags, get yourself a shot of take away caffeine and walk into the nearest garden area. Sit, sip and listen to your favourite music.

Knowing that we live in a world of internet and social media, come home and post in your selfies with your date for the day, YOURSELF! That night, you will sleep like a baby owing to the one day you lived with zero pressure of impressing anyone but yourself. And you know what you want from you.. Don’t you? 😉

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